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Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Really Do Work

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Really Do Work


Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Really Do Work

by Sam Nielson

Modern technology has provided many conveniences for humans, including robots. Perhaps one of the best robots that have been created is the robot vacuum cleaner.

These handy little machines roam about your home searching for errant crumbs to devour, pet fur to suck up, and whatever else they can find and fit into their little bodies. They do not whine and complain about how much they hate to vacuum the carpets. Plus, they do not bump into everything in sight leaving dents, nicks, and scuff-marks.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are very good at their jobs. Once you program them to vacuum what you want, they always obey. They are autonomous which means they create a kind of mental map of your house so that they know where you want them to go.

A really nice feature is that you can program a robotic vacuum cleaner to vacuum your home while you are away. This way the robot never gets in your way.

Single men love these little robots. They are affordable and compact. You do not have to pay them to vacuum either. What more could a bachelor want?

I do not know anyone who likes to mop and clean tile floors. Guess what? There is even a special robot that can clean tile floors!

The Scooba cleans floors easily and quickly, saving the house-holder valuable time. Unfortunately most people can not afford it, however.

This robotic floor cleaner has a 4-stage cleaning system. It can clean all types of hard floors including linoleum, tile, vinyl, and even hardwood. In PC Magazine, the only negative reviews mentioned having to pick up place mats or carpets before the robot started cleaning. But most reviews were great and people said that the Scooba left their floor very clean and buffed after.

The Scooba is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Turn it on with the power button, and push the clean button, that is it! This intelligent robot will tell you if it gets stuck or if something is blocking its roller brush. It will go around furniture, boxes, and even rugs and carpets! The cleaning tank in the Scooba must be filled with a special Clorox cleaning solution. Once filled, the Scooba can clean 200 square feet. It will go under tables, chairs, and even cabinets. Where ever it can fit into, it will go.

The Scooba costs about $390 USD. The Clorox cleaning solution is about $20 and does not last long. This was another thing most reviewers did not like. So you do want to take time to pause and think about whether you want to spend this kind of money. The old fashion way of cleaning your hard floor may be more work, but it does not cost as much either.

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