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RoboMower Makes Lawn Mowing Obsolete

RoboMower Makes Lawn Mowing Obsolete


RoboMower Makes Lawn Mowing Obsolete

by Fred Thomas

So almost everyone has heard of iRobot's Roomba robot vacuum and the Scooba robot floor cleaner. But have you heard of an incredible robot lawn mower called RoboMower? This robot lawn mower is best described in one word: amazing. No more doing the same boring "mow the lawn" chore. No more having to pony up to your children to mow the lawn or worse, a professional gardener. This amazing robotic lawn mower will mow your lawn for you.

Why is this robot lawn mower so amazing?

*It will automatically mow your lawn.

*You will not have to do the tedious task of collecting the lawn clippings after its finished mowing the lawn.

*No more loud noise. This robot has an electric motor so it is very quiet.

*This robot is good for the environment. No more having to deal with toxic and flammable gas, oil, or exhaust. This robot is quiet and efficient.

*It does not take a rocket scientist in order for one to be able to operate it. This robot lawn mower is extremely user friendly.

*Have kids? No problem. The designers of RoboMower made it very safe, even safer than a regular mower. There is no need to worry about your child getting hurt around it.

*This robot lawn mower can take on almost any kind of job as it is designed to mow domestic lawns of any size and shape.

Having a robot lawn mower around is actually the most convenient way for one to be able to maintain a healthy looking lawn. And with not much work from you since automatic robot lawn mowers are designed to help you save a lot of time and effort when it comes to the upkeep of your lawn. You may even mow your lawn anytime of the day without the worry of disturbing your neighbors. Thus, youll end up having more free time for yourself as well as for your family. You can practically have the luxury of having the weekend to yourself.

The safety feature in this robot lawn mower is called lift detection. Basically what lift detection does is that it can sense if the lawn mower has been lifted up or turn over. If it has, the blades lock to avoid injury. This helps protect curious children who might want to flip it over to look at while parents are in another room. In addition to this protection, there is an option to allow the center of your yard to grow and that tells the robot to only cut along the edges of your yard.

Very environmentally friendly, the robot lawn mower does not need gas nor oil and has no emissions, it even actually helps retain your lawns valuable nutrients.

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