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Ricky Rubio is Yet Another Baby in Sports

Ricky Rubio is Yet Another Baby in Sports


Ricky Rubio is Yet Another Baby in Sports

by Bill Frank Jr.

People shouldn't blame the T'Wolves now.

David Kahn trusted Ricky Rubio at his word... that he desired to join the NBA. But when it came down to it... after all the strings had been pulled and the hoops jumped-through... Ricky Rubio screwed them.

"Playing for Minnesota might have just convoluted my life much. It was a hazard and I did not see it so clearly," Rubio insisted. "My main concern was the NBA and it was unmanageable for the franchise to afford my buyout clause, so I sought to remain home."

Oh... you can't be serious. It might have complicated your life. You mean playing in the American basketball scene and realizing the alleged dream you have? And that thing about not having the means to pay the takeover:

Kahn said Rubio's negotiator, Dan Fegan, came through with a list of endorsement contracts and sponsorships that helped make the basketball agreement attractive enough for Rubio and Joventut to come into a deal last weekend.Rubio asserts the deal came with excessive tests... even though it is his agent that drew up the agreement.

The team took a flyer on this young talent... and they finally figured out a contract to put him in the league. Although when all was said and done... he was afraid. Hey... it's his prerogative. You do not need to play where you do not want to, Ricky.

Only do not say one thing and do another thing. Do not back out since you don't like the franchise that chose you. That's part of the agreement.

It's the identical deal any person else enters into. In return for making it to the league, you might need to end up somewhere you don't want to be. You think Blake Griffin is excited playing for the LA Clippers? Or fellow countryman Pau Gasol was always happy regarding playing in Memphis for so many years? That's just the way it goes.

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