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Review of the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U

Review of the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U


Review of the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U

by Abby Cardin

The Sony Bravia KDL40W5500 - also known as the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U - is a 40-inch LCD TV from Sony that is brimming with extras including internet access, an on-screen instruction manual and media streaming capabilities - and, most importantly, has a stunning picture quality.

Sony is renowned for leading the field by featuring the most recent extras in its products. The Bravia KDL40W5500 certainly does this. You are able to stream media files from your PC via an ethernet DNLA port. And the internet is available via one of Sony's user friendly widgets - over 30 available at present, with the number rising.

Such features aside, its the picture quality of the 40W5500 that is by far the most important in a TV and here is where Sony excels. Detail, colour and depth are impressive and, despite a slightly poorer picture watching Freeview, the overall effect is very natural. And high definition provides wonderful detail and depth.

The built in speakers only provide an average sound quality. This is to be expected of flat screen TVs, as the case doesn't have sufficient depth. Low frequencies lack some clarity, whilst higher frequencies sound over processed. If you would like superior sound quality, then analogue stereo and digital optical outputs are available to connect external speakers.

As well as these audio sockets, the KDL40W5500 has a generous supply of other connections. These include no less than 4 HDMI sockets, an analogue VGA port to connect to your PC, a USB port, and a headphone socket with its own volume controls that can be accessed from the remote.

Usability is very good.

The remote control has easy to use buttons, although the layout could be improved slightly. Whilst the Electronic Programme Guide is readily navigated.

Information on the features available, together with some tips, is available on-screen.

It also has audio description - an additional narrative for visually impaired people, a voice zoom feature that can boost dialogue over background music for those with hearing difficulties (or maybe a wider audience- very useful) and an automatic volume control that keeps the volume at the same level across programmes and adverts.

It is very energy efficient, using around 110 watts - low for a 40-inch LCD . This can be reduced to 60 watts by selecting a power-saving setting. It also has an ambient light sensor that cuts power in lower lit conditions and a screen-blanking option useful for listening to the radio.

To summarise, despite only average audio output, there are useful extra features, and, what makes this TV such a great buy is the outstanding picture quality.

The Bravia 40W5500 from Sony is a great television.

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