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Review Of The Omega M5000DLX Massage Chair

Review Of The Omega M5000DLX Massage Chair


Review Of The Omega M5000DLX Massage Chair

by Sandra Allen

The M5000 DLX massage chair is made by Omega Massage. Omega is known for its striking designs, advanced technology and effective massage therapy. We will take a look at the M-5000 and rate it is five separate categories including warranty, ease of use, ergonomics, key features and massage therapy. Here is our evaluation of the M 5000 DLX from Omega Massage.

Warranty Coverage & Customer Service: We equate the warranty coverage to obtaining an insurance policy. It is something you hope you never need to use, but just in case it is critical to have it. You want to make sure you are adequately protected. Here is the warranty coverage for the Omega M5000 DLX: You get 5 year coverage on the frame of the chair; 3 years coverage on parts; 3 years coverage on labor; 90 days of in home technician service; and 1 year of shipping for parts. This is excellent warranty coverage. Omega also provides solid customer service and competent technical capabilities. We rate the warranty coverage and customer service for the DLX as a 19.

Comfort & Ergonomics: This is a vitally important category for your long term comfort needs. For you to relax, a massage chair needs to fit the body, so you are comfortable. The design of the chair needs to facilitate that all controls are easily accessed. The DLX is well designed from this perspective. The seat is plush as well as the back pad. There are a series of pads for the back. There is a removable back pad, the main back pad, a neck pad and a head pillow. These are adjustable to suit your needs. All of the functions of the chair can be operated from the main remote. There is a hidden panel in the middle of the slim controller for manual operations and for the music controls. We rate the DLX an 18 for comfort and ergonomics.

Ease of Use: One excellent trend with massage chairs is the number of new functions that are being integrated. The flip side of this is how easy or complicated is the chair to use? The M5000DLX comes with many advanced features such as an MP3 music player. The remote control allows for control of all the functions of the massage chair. The remote has automatic programs with large buttons. You can open the panel in the middle of the controller for the manual controls. These controls allow you to select the type of massage and the area to be massaged. These are well laid out and simple to understand and use. The M 5000 earns an 18.

Key Features: The M5000 has one of the best neck and shoulder massages. This automatic program is thorough and invigorating. The programming of the massage hits all the right points and provides deeper penetration. An extra pad is included to soften the massage for those that want it softer. This is certainly one of the best massage programs we have tried. Another important feature of the LDX is one for relaxing. The M-5000 has an MP3 player. The massage chair comes with a USB stick that you can load up with MP3 compatible music. Slip on the headphones and let the DLX take you to higher states of relaxation than you thought possible. We give the M5000 an 18 for features.

Massage Therapy: Of course, massage therapy is what a massage chair is all about. Here is the run down with the DLX: 5 automatic programs, 4 manual massages, and 4 manual massage back courses. The back courses target the full back, neck and shoulders and lower back. The manual massage functions include finger press, kneading, tapping and combination kneading/tapping. You can adjust the manual massages to 3 levels of intensity. You also get an air massage system for the lower body. The lower body air massage targets the buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. The air compression can be set at either firm or gentle. The airbags have reflexology nodes that provide total body relaxation. We give the DLX an 18 for massage therapy.

The M5000 DLX from Omega rates a 91/100 in our evaluation. We particularly like the contemporary design with the highly varnished wood armrests and wood grain side panels. Also, Omega uses top grain ox hide leather. This finely crafted massage chair also comes with a backlit LCD controller. You get one of the most penetrating massage therapies with this massage chair. The programming of the massage treatments is as good as it gets. For total relaxation, put on the headphones and relax with your favorite tunes with the built in MP3 player. This massage chair recliner is certainly a powerhouse of massage therapy that will give you years of comprehensive and effective relief.

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