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Rent Office Space: What To Look For

Rent Office Space: What To Look For


Rent Office Space: What To Look For

by Charlie Brown

Renting office space instead of buying is a fantastic idea for business startups. Not only is renting less daunting in terms of commitment it also allows extra flexibility in upsizing has your business grows.

The fallout of this kind of change is being felt in various arenas. One of them is a growing demand for office space. According to real estate executives, the amount of available office space is becoming severely restricted in a number of cities all over the world, particularly in developed countries. So, if your children want to sell lemonade in a busy street in one of the cities, they could very well find the space for it, but if you wanted to rent an office space in one of the buildings on that very street, you have a challenge on your hands. Does that mean that you tae your business to the streets?

Due to the shortage in office rental, it is essential that small businesses make the right decision while taking an office space on rent. Here are some steps to help you determine all the essential elements of the ideal office space for your business.

Remember, first impressions count, and if you have a client come to visit you, you don't want them to feel uncomfortable in their surroundings as they make their way to your office! The same goes for your staff. Walking through a grey, dreary estate every morning isn't going to motivate them very well, and if the area your office is located in doesn't have the best reputation going, then you will be hard pushed to get staff to agree to stay late to finish work if it is going to mean leaving the office when it is dark.

There are some great deals around, and some companies even offer "internet only" deals in order to attract business, but be wary of these as while the introductory rates may be incredibly attractive, once these expire you may find yourself faced with a large bill. It is important to look at the facilities that are offered with your office space.

Location is another important consideration. Business owners have to walk a tight rope when it comes to choosing between an up market office space and the money it costs to rent such a place. Costs vary widely depending on the location. Addresses in a metropolitan area can really cost you a sack of money. Even so, choosing a good location is vital to your business. Clients have certain expectations and your business has to score high in meeting these expectations as well as in being accessible to clients, customers and your workforce.

Before you make a final decision, do not forget to factor in your start up costs. Renting a room in a building is not enough. You also need to furnish it tastefully and equip it with all the essential equipment. Maintenance, telephone costs and internet charges also have to be added.

If you get a quote from an office that offers all the facilities you want, but isn't in the right location, use this to negotiate with another company that offers space in the location you want. At the end of the day you are the customer and if they want your business they will meet your demands.

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