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Remove Stretch Marks With Care

Remove Stretch Marks With Care


Remove Stretch Marks With Care

by Robbert Williams

Everybody likes a flawless body. But sometimes it is not possible. Stretch marks may disfigure your beauty by its appearance. Naturally one is not comfortable to talk about it with others. Find out the reason behind its appearance, it helps in their removal. The reason behind stretch marks is the damaged collage fibers, which get extended beyond the limit, thus causing the marks on the skin. Another factor that is affected is the proteins in the dermis found below the surface of the skin.

Dilated Capillaries

According to scientists, when collagen gets damaged it causes the capillaries to expand and that in turn results in stretch marks that are often purple or red in color. In fact, stretch marks, at their very early stage of development, are usually purple in color and with time this color fades and can turn into white.

Therefore stretch mark can be best removed by the rebuilding of collagen. Even for stretch marks that result from pregnancy the way of removing them is by going in for natural and if required by medical treatments. However if a pregnant mother is going in for medical treatments it must be ensured that the products they use are safe for both baby and her.

You can now find various creams and other products which consist of natural vitamin E or cocoa butter, which help in the removal of stretch marks. These products help in escalating the elasticity, which in turn helps the skin. Other creams that are available have ingredients which revive new cells and also include AHA in the creams. Creams with vitamin A also help in regenerating.

The creams that have cocoa butter are advisable because their power to diminish scars is much better compared to others. There are creams which have oil of wheat germ, olive oil, lavender oil and also lanolin oil. These creams also show good results.

Using oil that has Vitamin E is another simple method of removing stretch marks especially if it is a stretch mark that was caused by pregnancy. These oils will be able to re give the skin its tautness and also helps the in firming the skin - even when a lady is pregnant.

When it comes to selecting the best stretch mark removal cream you will have a number of choices, many of which are over-the-counter medications that are easily bought from any corner drugstore.

Stretch marks can also be removed with the help of surgery. One can also go in for methods like Dermabrasion or certain kind of laser treatments to relieve themselves of hideous stretch marks. It is a common thought that the surgical method of removing stretch marks is an extreme step but the truth is however different. It is one among the best ways of getting rid of the ugly stretch marks in your skin.

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