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Recycled Marble Countertops

Recycled Marble Countertops


Recycled Marble Countertops

by JD Theis

In the present age of eco-friendly products and eco-friendliness, a stylish and eco-friendly home is unfinished if you dont have use recycled marble countertops. Marble is the stone of choice for countertops, since it is a hard, durable, and elegant material. Counters are at once working surfaces and vast textures that add to the beauty of a home.

If the selection of counter surfaces is even a bit off, it can even become a blemish for the beauty of the entire home. The requirements correspond to the features of marble; making it a perfect choice for countertops. Today, marble countertops are believed to be the genuine standard, and a smart choice for any type of counter.

The position of marble countertops has fashioned a high demand for the stone, and prices have gone very high making it unaffordable by an average homeowner. This is in addition to the fact that more and more marble has to be quarried to meet the increasing demand for marble countertops in homes. Knocked down and old homes have plenty of marble, used in the floor as well as other surfaces in the house. This has even led to environmental problems of getting rid of excess marble which is not easy to use or sell.

Several marble retailers and homeowners understand the requirement for eco-friendly solution for this situation and have developed recycled marble countertops. The recycled marble which is used in these countertops is created by using discarded and old marble and converting it into a new marble surface. Such recycled marble is of 5 " 8 inches in thickness, which is much higher than the minimum thickness required for regular marble countertops, which is 3 cm (little more than an inch). The price of this marble can be compared to materials like travertine, which are measured as inferior to marble. Recycled marble has excellent durability and is also attractive to be used as countertops, and is also available in a selection of colors.

People are becoming more sensitive to ecological issues and are finding alternative materials to replace marble countertops. More eco-friendly choices, like recycled marble will be invented and will also be recognized by people. Already, there is ongoing research to develop materials with less amount of reused marble, which can substitute marble, and will be available for a much lower price. This news is going to make the homeowners who need the beauty and elegance of marble in their home happy as they will get it for a fraction of the original cost.

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