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Real Estate Boom Expected Following Planning Win in Joao Pessoa

Real Estate Boom Expected Following Planning Win in Joao Pessoa


Real Estate Boom Expected Following Planning Win in Joao Pessoa

by Leslie Richards

Lengthy negotiations between the Paraba State Government and the MPF, Ministrio Pblico Federal, has resulted in agreement between the parties and permission for the construction of a major conference centre to be located in Cabo Branco, Joo Pessoa's number one residential district and an ideal investment location.

The development will cost in excess of $50 million, with works due to commence at the end of September. The Infrastructure Secretary, Francisco Sarmento, has stated that the State of Paraba has agreed all of the terms required by the MPF and the Federal environmental agency.

The conference centre sits within a large masterplanned area with proposals for at least six large resort hotel schemes. Investors have watched with interest as legal arguments have raged over the land for over 20 years.

The State and Federal authorities had, until now, been unable to reach agreement regarding the protection and replanting of native vegetation, safeguarding of the beaches and investment into regularizing the water supplies for the area. However, now agreement has been reached it is widely expected that planning permissions will be granted and development commenced rapidly.

Sarmento says that such building will be a landmark in tourism history in state. With this center, we will be able to regularize out touristic network, getting better results in our economy even on low-season months, as we will be able to perform various events. He says that this approval will contribute to a massive increase in real estate prices in the region. We can expect various kinds of investments, with the building of hotels and resorts.

Joo Pessoa is one of Brazils most exciting yet little-known cities. It is located on the Brazilian North East coast and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Known as the gateway to Europe due to its position as the most easterly point of the Americas, it is popular as a holiday destination amongst Brazilians from the South who choose it for its charm and absence of towering high rises that dominate some of the more heavily developed North Eastern cities.

It is widely recognized to be Brazils safest city and also its greenest. In fact it is the second-greenest city in the world. It offers an array of high quality restaurants, cheerful bars and a number of shopping malls.

The city has a very rich and varied cultural programme that is actively backed by the local council. The wide range of activities covers just about every area of the arts, from literary gatherings and art exhibitions to large-scale classical and popular music festivals.

Joo Pessoa, and the state of Paraba in general, is experiencing rapid growth and expansion. The domestic housing market is booming thanks to economic expansion and migration from the south, and international interest is hotting up. For investors, the area already offers excellent year-round rental prospects due to its 12-month season, and excellent resale opportunities thanks to the growing stream of international and domestic buyers. New hotels and resorts and the construction of a major conference centre will only increase Joao Pessoas investment potential.

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