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Pump Paintball Not War

Pump Paintball Not War


Pump Paintball Not War

by Richard Thomas

Many in this world that we live in, more specifically those that enjoy war games, have been playing those first person shooters or FPS games. Those games are limited to internet cafes, and at home. There is no real thrill, its just playing using the keyboard of a computer and a mouse. There are many of these kinds of games out in the market today. But there is one game that would really get someone's blood pumping. It is live, it has action, it is an adventure in its own right, it is paintball.

Paintball has been around far longer than those FPS games, where the concept of paintball original came from has been in existence longer than there have been computers to play games on and with. But the original and more challenging way to play is pump paintball. Those little babies will provide the kind of shoot out that can only be imagined on the little screen. A player can only go so far in a virtual battlefield, but in real life a player can do those things and more. Pump paintball provides real battlefield simulations, more like real battles. Its one of the best ways to prove that all those hours that a player has been sitting in front of a screen have not been wasted on bites that wont really do much other than entertain.

Using pump paintball guns in a game increase the levels of adrenaline that gets pumped into the blood stream, there is a greater or rather more enhanced level of excitement in the game. Those things take time to reload and fire, unlike its semi and auto counterparts. Those combat simulation battles that most people play in net cafes or at home via the internet, can relate to a pump paintball game. Its got objectives, teamwork, and usually a time limit.

Many people who play only video games are lacking one thing, and one thing in common, and that it exercise. Their bodies grow weak from not being able to move. But should they ever try their hands at pump paintball, all their FPS playing needs and exercise needs will be solved. Some FPS games allow the player to view the game in a sort of out of body experience mode, where the player sees the whole character, and not just from the eyes of the character, they can even view the rest of their surroundings, with the use of the keyboard and mouse. But with pump paintball its all real, your reflexes, your eyes, your ears, your everything will be the key that stands between victory and defeat.

But there are other modes that paintball can be played, its just that the most difficult mode to play in, the most challenging of them all is pump paintball. The other modes of play may only be two, but so what? They give a lot more action, depending on those playing at least. There really are more guns and accessories to choose from. There is the semi-automatic and then there is the automatic. These two choices are the tools that most of today's players use, when they battle it out on the paintball battlefield.

If your tired of playing old fashioned tag, or boring old hide and seek, the next level for those games is a good game of cat and mouse, played with guns that shoot paint instead of bullets. Paintball is the game that FPS and tag, and hide and seekers should play. Plus its goal is not just pelting the opponent will balls til they turn pink, no, there is also the objective of its capture the flag aspect.

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