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Proper Maintenance To Avoid Roof Damage

Proper Maintenance To Avoid Roof Damage


Proper Maintenance To Avoid Roof Damage

by Darin Copeland

Roof damage usually occurs due to three reasons. Age, neglect and natural calamities are these three culprits. The first factor, age, cannot be prevented as everything in life comes with a shelf life. Owner's neglect is an avoidable reason, but most homeowners tend to take things for granted and end up paying up enormously for their folly. Seepages, moisture attack, mildew etc are direct results of such neglect. Natural calamities like hailstorms and heavy rains too take their annual toll, which often runs to billions of dollars.

Proper roof maintenance can prevent roof damage to a great extent. Being the most prominent physical part of your home, it is exposed to sleet, winds, heat etc constantly. The proverb 'one stitch in time can save nine' is completely true in the case of roofs. If you overlook a dimpled shingle, a defaced tile or a clogged vent, the damage may spread to the entire superstructure resulting in untold miseries to you. So it is always better to keep a constant watch on how your roof is responding to forces of nature or ageing process.

Among all the natural forces, hailstorms are the biggest threats to your roof. Often it can also happen that the damages are not so easily visible that you overlook them. Nearby trees sometimes cause roof damage with their falling branches spoiling the roofing material. The vents can get blocked easily due to fallen leaves and other debris from the trees. This prevents proper ventilation.

Other factors responsible for roof damage are mildew and moisture, which gradually weakens the roofing unnoticed. Damages though minimal, can be done even by a flock of pigeons.

If maintained properly, roof made of asphalt can last for fifteen years. Roofs made of clay, tiles and slate can last even longer. The durability of the roof ultimately depends on the owner. If he is keen enough to inspect the roof and get the repair work done with the help of an expert roofer, the roof will remain in good condition for longer years. If the roofer is trustworthy and experienced in the profession, there is no need to worry about the future of the building.

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