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Promotional Merchandise Programmes - Could They Work For Your Company

Promotional Merchandise Programmes - Could They Work For Your Company


Promotional Merchandise Programmes - Could They Work For Your Company

by Ciaran Murphy

Rather than use a number of different business gift suppliers many businesses are now tendering out the work and looking for a one stop shop for their promotional merchandise or corporate clothing. There are lots of benefits from going down this route as long as the tender is run properly and whilst saving money is a big one it's not the only consideration.

By using a tender process you can have total control over what people within your organisation can actually place orders for promotional items. You can also use the opportunity to have the single supplier produce rebates and better levels of service.

Any corporation who allows the procurement of goods such as leather conference folders or promotional bttled water is wasting a lot of money. The reason is that untrained an unskilled buyers tend to keep going back to an original supplier and never look at alternative cheaper sources of supply. These suppliers may even send in a few inexpensive gifts to the buyers every year in an effort to persuade them to stay with them. These free promotional gifts are often sponsored by the manufacturers and given to the distributors free so there is nothing illegal in people accepting them as long as it is not against company policy.

In the case of promotional clothing such as Printed T-shirts or embroidered polo shirts for example you could have as many as 20 people in large organisations buying them. The problem is that every single one of them are probably paying repeat origination charges every time. An origination charge for embroidery could be as much as 50 and for silk screen printing 30 per colour. This means that every time each of them put in an order for their company branded promotional clothing, on a 4 colour logo they are paying around 170, if you multiply that by twenty buyers that gives you 3,400 so if they buy say three times a year a large corporation could be spending over 10,000 on origination costs that would come free of charge form one supplier.

Promotional merchandise tenders offer the opportunity for proper service level agreements to be set up. These are usually standard conditions with any supplier who trades in a professional way. But a company setting up a single source supplier can make more stringent demands on these service levels if it feels it necessary. Financial rebates will also usually form part of the service level agreements with money being returned based upon annual expenditure.

Should you need to go to tender a well run promotional merchandise supplier will be happy to assist you in setting up the process. A few questions asked at the initial stages will save you lots of time further down the line. It will also save the suppliers a lot of time and money as they will not be spending hours answering totally irrelevant questions designed for a tender for other non related goods or services. Do not chooses a company who has no experience in these promotional merchandise programmes, they are complex operations and require a proper understanding of many different challenges that will be thrown up though the course of the contract.

About the Author:
BTC Group screen print and embroider hundreds of thousand of different pieces of Promotional Clothing every year. To see how they do it why not watch a short Video and see why this great company is so successful.

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