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Promotional Merchandise Has More To Offer Than Just A Printed T-Shirt - Find Out What's On Offer

Promotional Merchandise Has More To Offer Than Just A Printed T-Shirt - Find Out What's On Offer


Promotional Merchandise Has More To Offer Than Just A Printed T-Shirt - Find Out What's On Offer

by Ciaran Murphy

In order to make the most of your promotional merchandise budget you need to carefully consider what to buy. It's all to easy to go for the old favourites such as leather conference folders or promotional bottled water. Should they happen to be looking for something in the promotional clothing arena then they always seem to go for the embroidered polo shirt or the printed T-Shirt. If you consider that these promotional items are probably going to go to the same people as they did the previous year then they are never going to have a big impact. Why not have some fun, take a few risks and look at a whole new range of products, you can be guaranteed that they will go down really well.

When you need to buy your next lot of promotional gifts take a while to look at all every section within your entire company. Why is it that the Sales and Marketing divisions always seem to get the lions share of any business gifts that are on offer? Have you ever thought how the reception area or the warehouse could do with a few freebies? Give some time to thinking what these other areas could with, how about some promotional baseball bats for the goods-in department or some post it notes for the administrative staff for example. It's a great way to generate some good old company spirit.

In terms of promotional clothing why settle for a boring printed one colour T-Shirt or embroidered polo when you can now buy polo shirts in an amazing range of co-ordinated colours. If you are ordering as little as 50 pieces you can now get these great promotional products Pantone matched to your company colours. Other promotional clothing like promotional jackets or promotional baseball caps are always well received.

When it comes to branding these products don't do what you have always done in the past. Rather than stick a logo on the left breast of your next order of promotional polo shirts or printed T-Shirts try something different. Your promotional clothing supplier should be very happy to suggest a different layout, say for example a small logo at the top back of the garment just under the collar. Or a small logo at the bottom front of a garment. Just make sure wherever you put these logos they will be seen because that's the whole point of the exercise.

On the road sales staff should always have a box of promotional merchandise to hand out to special clients, they can often help to smooth out the bumps in a relationship. Make sure they are useful and practical gifts so they will be kept as a reminder of where they came from some easy to carry products would be promotional business card holders or metal pens.

Finally do try to visit any promotional merchandise exhibitions if you get the opportunity. You will see the very latest promotional products in the industry all under one roof and you'll almost certainly get some inspiration for new products to use. Your promotional merchandise supplier should be attending these shows anyway so if they do go make sure they come back and let you know about anything new.

About the Author:
BTC Group have an amazing production facility where they print millions of pieces of Promotional Clothing every year. To see how they do it why not watch a short Video, meet some of the people who work there and see why this great company can save you so much

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