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Professional Home Stagers Seal Sales

Professional Home Stagers Seal Sales


Professional Home Stagers Seal Sales

by Barbara Jennings

A slow economy means slower home sales. Homes will not turn as quickly and can be on the market for months on end. Only homes that are appealing to a wide buyer base will sell during these hard times. The difference between stagnation on the MLS and closing the sale can be engaging the services of a professional home stager. Ensuring that your home appeals to the buyer is what house staging is all about.

Home staging encompasses more than rearranging furniture. Professionals in the house staging industry know what diminishes a property's value. Making the home appealing, with a welcoming touch is their forte.

It is imperative that the potential buyer walk into a space that is visually clean and organized. The property should be a welcoming, neutral canvas where the buyer can mentally visualize options for creating their own personalized touches in every room. Regardless of whatever the current homeowner's decorating tastes are, professional staging will neutralize the environment to increase the appeal to a wide variety of buyer's preferences.

Attracting buyers and closing the sale is the focus of home staging. In a slow economy, the number of qualified buyers is very limited. It is therefore important to attract as many prospective buyers as possible to close on a sale. Pack-rat compiling of clutter and a disorganized room will not impress most buyers. If a potential buyer is tripping over clutter and excessive furniture, the odds are you will lose his interest quickly.

Home stagers create neutral spaces that attract buyers from small rooms to cavernous spaces. Highlighting the positive and detracting from the negative aspects is their primary goal. House staging requires total comprehension of buyer preferences in the current housing market and a sense of interior design dynamics.

Many realtors will often recommend a professional stager they have utilized previously when they feel a home would benefit from their services. A wise homeowner who desires to sell their property in a slow economy should heed the advice of their real estate professional. Contracting a professional home stager if often the reason why one home will sell when a similar, un-staged home will linger on the MLS for what seems an eternity. In a stagnant home sales market, sealing the sale often takes the assistance of staging professionals.

About the Author:
Interested in home staging? If you have any decorating talent, best selling author and trainer Barbara Jennings can show you how to turn your talent into a money making home staging business! Barbara has helped thousands of people just like you realize their dream. Let her help you!

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