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Products Sold By Health & Home Shopping

Products Sold By Health & Home Shopping


Below are some of the many products that were sold via Health & Home Shopping through its many channels.

The only channels left now are the catalogue and the newly redesigned Health & Home Shopping website although these are now operated by Express Gifts Ltd, who bought the stock and assets of HHS Trading (UK) Ltd in November 2007.

The HHS Press website has been redirected to the catalogue website and all related press items can be found there.

Please note: Products cannot be ordered via this site, these pages are STRICTLY for informational purposes only.

If you wish to purchases any of these items, please visit Health & Home Shopping to place your order. Please bear in mind that some of these products may no longer be available for purchase.


Electric Golf Trolley

Lay-Z Spa Hot Tub

Snuggle Mattress Toppers

Light 'n' Easy Steam Mop

Velvet Green Grass Seed

Water Filtration Vacuum