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Prison Systems BAN Hypnosis Teacher!

Prison Systems BAN Hypnosis Teacher!


Prison Systems BAN Hypnosis Teacher!

by Robert Clark

A powerful Hypnosis Program that teaches the secrets of persuasion was officially BANNED from prison systems. This has never happened before. The question is what led to an open ban on a hypnosis program?

The reports indicate that there was a trend in the penitentiaries of female correctional officers falling in love with inmates. There was also an overwhelming amount of evidence that the inmates were found with certain items in their possession that could not be purchased or sent into the prison system. This could only mean the guards were doing the inmates special favors.

Inmates were also running multimillion dollar businesses behind the prison walls, and some of the inmates were becoming so powerful that they were feared by not only the general public but also by the prison guards. No one was able to figure out the source of the inmates powers until it was becoming evident that all of the inmates had one thing in common: They were all studying literature that was written by a man named Jonathan Conrad Groves.

Jonathan Conrad Groves is perhaps the leading authority in the persuasion community, who is also a world class hypnotist versed in all forms of hypnosis that you could imagine. And this isnt to mention that he holds a Doctorate Degree as a master of Micro-Sociology. Many regard Jonathan Groves as a 21st Century version of Machiavelli, because he spent his life studying and applying the secret arts of seduction and mind control.

Now that Jonathan Groves has begun to release hypnosis programs to the public, it is obvious that there have been mixed reactions among the people. Some say his work should be banned or heavily monitored, and some say that his work is one of the greatest contributions to the self help industry since the days of Dale Carnegie. But in these difficult times you need a man who can help you solve difficult problems.

Everybody knows that if you can't influence and persuade people, then it is unlikely that you will get the things you want. It is the firm opinion of many that Jonathan Groves outshines the growing number of false persuasion teachers who are out there selling weak persuasion techniques that simply don't produce results. There are many impostors out there who are claiming to teach the secret arts of persuasion, and they all charge big money for their services because they know that nothing is as important to learn as The Art of Persuasion.

The inmates also choose to follow the teachings of Jonathan Groves to give them back everything that had been taken from them. No matter what people can say or argue about what happened, it cannot be denied that it did happen: It's officially been confirmed that inmates were using Jonathan Groves teachings to achieve power, romance, and even money.

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