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Preservatives on Beverages

Preservatives on Beverages


Preservatives on Beverages

by Anker Arkady

Are you a fan of drinking preservatives? I dont know about you but I havent met anyone whos a fan of it. Conventional Beverages these days are filled with preservatives, fillers, additives and all those other ingredients that we cant even read. Factor in hot-fill processing and pasteurization and whats left for us to drink? Its almost the same as drinking the preservatives straight up.

There ought to be a better way to manufacture beverages. Conventional beverages are pasteurized to extend shelf life. Then preservatives are added to well preserve it. Do these preservatives aid us in the betterment of our health? I do hope that the beverage manufacturers took into consideration the health of its consumers. This discussion is getting more interesting, isnt it?

Though the main benefit of pasteurization is to make the drink safe to consume, it comes with a down side as well. The ingredients that are active and healthy are also damaged in the process. And whats left for the consumer to drink is a bottle full of preservatives. In this new millennium, there should be change in the way we manufacture beverages.

When I first saw Yoli Blast Caps, I felt that there was something more to it. Have you ever experience seeing a commodity and there seems to be a voice that tells you that its a good product? Their solution to the usual manufacturing methods was able to solve our issue with the side effects of pasteurization and the use of preservatives. Their solution was quite simple that I wondered why I hadnt thought of it.

How did they do away with the need of pasteurization and preservatives? The ingredients and the liquid are separate from each other. This means that Yoli Blast Caps keep their ingredients in its purest form as well as its liquid. The ingredients are stored in the cap and are kept dry up until you blast them and infuse the liquid, shake it a bit and its ready to drink.

What you get is a pure health drink. No unwanted preservatives whatsoever and all the nutrients that you need and pay for. Another thing about Yoli Blast Caps is that it is perfectly healthy for the kids to drink too. Blasting the ingredients into the liquid is actually cool. Well, I have to admit that I actually enjoy blasting it as I find it amusing.

I havent seen any other beverage in the market that has a similar technology that Yoli Blast Caps offer. Its innovation and solution to conventional manufacturing definitely sets it apart from the others. A new option to consuming healthy beverages is definitely on my list. Especially when it comes to absorbing the most nutrients.

This fosters good competition among other manufacturers. Consumers would benefit from this as more and more choices would come out. Beverages that do not offer the similar benefits like Yoli Blast Caps does wont be worth my cash. Heres to a healthier way of having health drinks!

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