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Prepare To Spray - Fruit And Nut Trees In Landscaping

Prepare To Spray - Fruit And Nut Trees In Landscaping


Prepare To Spray - Fruit And Nut Trees In Landscaping

by Kent Higgins

But for the necessity of spraying fruit and nut trees to control diseases and insects, this group would without doubt be one of the most important for use in home landscapes. Unfortunately, in order to keep their foliage in good condition throughout the season and to insure a crop of even fair size and quality, it is usually necessary to spray nearly all the fruit trees several times a year. They, therefore, seldom find a place in landscaping the average small home grounds.

Some fruit trees, however, are most interesting aside from their potential crops. The common apple tree, for example, is a favorite among artists and lovers of landscape beauty. But they must accept more or less gracefully the fact that the leaves will drop early and that most of the fruit will be either insect-ridden or diseased and drop to the ground prematurely, often making quite a mess beneath. If the owner realizes this and is willing to accept the drawbacks of such a tree, there is no reason why he should not use it.

Hardy Types

Fortunately, some trees in this group require very little care and give very satisfactory crops. Examples are the black walnut, some hickories, pecans, filberts, the pawpaw, and persimmon. The beech plum (Prunus maritima) is valuable in that it will grow close to the ocean on the Atlantic coast and yet yield excellent crops of fruit used primarily for making a highly prized jelly. In the South, the pecan, paw-paw, and persimmon are perfect examples of good trees for the home garden.

Area for Fruits

Of course, where the property is large enough to have a definite area set aside for the growing of fruit trees or bushes like aspidistra elatior, the home owner can follow a spray schedule as recommended by local or county governmental agricultural agencies and get good crops. But this requires the use of proper spray equipment and materials at just the right times if they are to do the most good.

Fruit trees should not be planted close to the house, for they may have to be sprayed with materials containing lead or sulfur which, if it strikes a surface painted white will stain it or turn it black.

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