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Popular With The Masses But No Real Awards Yet For Megan Fox

Popular With The Masses But No Real Awards Yet For Megan Fox


Popular With The Masses But No Real Awards Yet For Megan Fox

by Crystal Evans

Megan Fox has gain so much popularity since she starred in Transformers and that popularity has translated into pressure.

The awards he has won so far are nothing to brag about concerning her acting but the acclaim she has received thus far has been mind boggling.

Being compared to top celebrities is a good thing but not for Megan Fox who is constantly being compared to Jolie. Critics demand she act like Angelina on screen.

Fuel was added to the flame when Megan Fox appeared one day with Angelina type lips. Having big lips is not just about style as Megan quickly learned.

Megan Fox the action star that's what Hollywood wants and my oh my isn't it a coincidence that Jolie made a career out of starring in action movies.

Don't pity Megan Fox because although she has to meet high standards of someone else. She can definitely make it big.

She has Jennifer's Body coming up and hopefully it will be a start to her new and promising career. One where she will be know for actual acting.

Other movies are lined up but some will only be short appearances as in a only a few minutes.

The Hollywood world is desperately trying to include her in as many projects as possible capitalizing on her popularity.

That might prove more difficult than easy because she is known for running off her mouth.

She has lashed out against Transformer's director Michael Bay more than once but he'd be a fool not to bring her back for part 3.

Her bad girl antics began when she was a teenager as she used to sneak out of her moms Florida home to be with her friends.

That was certainly a long time ago and most teens do stupid things like that all the time.

The media though thrives on this kind of nonsense and it is actually detriment to her career.

Gossip is okay but with her it completely takes over and her roles in movies are almost always ignored, her acting is all but forgotten.

Positive news will come out the day that she actually acts in a good role.

A good or great actress will always be remembered for the way she acted on-screen and so far this has escaped her.

Perhaps she is not that talented and directors and producers are using her for her beautiful looks.

Sooner or later especially when she gets older a question will be asked what has Megan Fox done in her career.

She is young but much younger actresses became popular for their acting when they were only teenagers.

Megan Fox will gain eternal fame if she becomes a good actress and if not then her fifteen minutes of fame will be over.

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