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Peyronie's Disease Treatments Cure Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's Disease Treatments Cure Peyronie's Disease


Peyronie's Disease Treatments Cure Peyronie's Disease

by Dr. Isabel Norren

The condition known as Peyronie was first document by an Italian physician named Peyronie during the time of Louis the 16th in the 1700s. The disease can cause a curvature to the male penis that can be hardly noticeable to server.al curve.

The cause of the curvature is not understand, however some theorize that it be caused by some forms of trauma to the penis such as a blunt force causing slight internal bleeding. During the healing process scar tissue forms (also called plaque) that builds and leads to a misshapen penis.

As the scar tissue builds it replaces the elastic tissue of the tunica. During a state of arousal the tunica expands and becomes elongated evenly resulting in typical straight erection. With Peyronie's disease that tissue is replaced with non-elastic tissue. Thus adding pressure and bending the penis.

Peyronie starts as a small ball or constriction in the interior of the peniss shaft , from there it may expands to form a flat deposit as big as an old dollar coin. This tissue called plaque invades and replaces the elastic tissues of the shaft with a dense inflexible tissue.

Peyronie's diseases may also lead to painful erections and a loss of ability to perform during sexual intimacy including: impotence and server discomfort for the women as a result of the odd shape of the penis.

The only treatment that currently exists on the market is a new form of traction device that forces the plaque to slowly stretch over time and eventually break down allowing normal healthy cells to replaces it. This process may take up to a year depending on the severity of the curvature. For more information we encourage you to see the links below.

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