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Our Soul's Deja Vu

Our Soul's Deja Vu


Our Soul's Deja Vu

by Mona Wind

Have you ever been magnetically drawn to someone within minutes of meeting them? You know, that feeling of deep connection and friendship? This happens to me often when I attend a lecture, do a reading on someone or just attend a party. There is a feeling of deja vu. I"ve met them before somewhere, somehow.

By looking into my Akashic Records I was able to understand what was going on. The Akashic Records are the vibrational library of all the experiences you've had through time and space. It explains why you've chosen your particular challenges and what you can do to move through it. It also contains an outline of future experiences.

These people we meet are part of our family group, according to the records. They are relatives, acquaintances, lovers, teachers and friends we've had experiences with before.

Before we come to earth we make a rough blue print of what experiences, challenges, issues we want to have and who could do the best job for us. Someone from our family group happily signs up to either support or be instigators of change. We do the same for them. The point is to push challenge, motivate us into becoming powerful beings.

When we bump into each other again the deja vu is the reminder of the times we've met before and what we agreed to do. Sometimes these beings stay in our life for a long time as we move through our life's challenges. Other times, they leave when the lesson is over.

The next time you feel this deja vu, ask yourself what you're learning or meant to learn from this person. Why have you called them back into your journey? And thank them if you can that they signed up for your expansion and growth.

About the Author:
Want to find out more about Akashic Records, then visit Mona Wind's website,www.lifeintegrity.com.

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