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Our Love For The Locket Necklace

Our Love For The Locket Necklace


Our Love For The Locket Necklace

by Jo Archibald

The locket remains to be a personal piece of jewelry even during the time it was first developed. It is usually seen as a pendant but there are also other people who use it as a ring. Lockets were already present many centuries ago. Over time, it held great importance to different people that owned it. This is because it is not just a mere piece of jewelry for them back then. It served a lot of purposes. They can even use it for different reasons.

Many years ago, the locket was considered as a thing for storage. They wore lockets to bring along with them important things without the inconvenience of carrying it. There were also some times that it served as fade for something dangerous inside it.

Long time ago, lockets can contain medicines or charm depending on the belief of the wearer. Those who believed in herbs and special plants kept the plant inside the locket. This was to be able to heal someone easily.

The tiny picture that was painted by hand was often put inside the lockets. The little pictures were done by a master in painting, and even if the work was very dull and monotonous, the outcomes of the paintings were always very beautiful.

Lockets were also used as a small portrait display of an equally small hand painted picture. Only a truly creative and highly skilled artist can pull off a hand painting as small as pictures for lockets because they require painting tiny details as well. This use for lockets was developed centuries ago and this remained famous for a long time. Many would use lockets as an instrumental reminder to help the owner remember his loved ones by looking at the tiny picture in the locket.

It is during the Victorian era that the use of this piece of jewelry was pervasive. It did not just serve as a piece of accessory. It also served as a storage piece just like the older days considered it to be. The most fashionable and elegant design that was considered for a locket was the heart design.

It came up with varying intricate design. As it has been, it is made by an expert with great care and attention. The chain was usually made with different metal but the most commonly used were silver, brass, copper, and platinum. At some point, it was made with a crystal, gemstone, or pearls. This still depended on the preference of the wearer.

At present, the locket is still available in many styles. Though the production of it has changed a bit, it is still done with the great attention that it always had. Making this piece of jewelry is always delicate as it had been long time ago.

Moreover, it also is great gift for anyone. With its purpose and design, lockets still hold great importance for the wearer.

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