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Nursing Jobs are Growing in Flexibility

Nursing Jobs are Growing in Flexibility


Nursing Jobs are Growing in Flexibility

by Adriana Noton

Nurses are valuable contributors to the healthcare field. Their job is to care for those in times of medical distress. In recent years, the demands for qualified nursed have increased significantly. One of the main reasons for this growth is that nursing jobs are growing in flexibility.

Compared to most careers, the field of nursing is one of the most flexible fields. Nurses have the capability to work in any geographic location and in most medical areas. The work schedule is also very flexible. One can find a job that is either part-time or full-time. This is beneficial for nurses who have a family or other responsibilities such as furthering their education.

When it comes to work hours, there are flexible shifts available to nurses such as days, evenings, overnight, and weekend shifts. Hourly work shifts can vary from 4, 8, 10, or 12 hour shifts. This allows parents who both work to arrange time for raising their children.

The location of work for a nurse is also very flexible. One can work in urban medical facilities or in more rural or isolated regions. A nurse can work in any geographical area of the country and is not restricted by state. They can also work in countries around the world. If you have a spouse that gets a work transfer periodically, it will not be difficult to find work in the new location.

Career flexibility is also an important aspect of a career in nursing. There are many opportunities for nurses. They can specialize in such areas as surgery, pediatrics, critical care, emergency services, specific diseases or physical conditions, and much more. As well, a nurse has opportunities to further their education and move up the career ladder such as acquiring supervisor and management positions.

Nurses also have the flexibility to choose what medical department they want to work such as maternity, surgery, critical care, etc. If a nurse is suffering from burnout in a high stressed department, they have the ability to move to a less stressful department.

Hospitals are not the only places where you will find a nurse. Nurses can be found working in community services, government departments such as health and human services, nursing homes, clinics, schools, out-patient care, home healthcare, rehabilitation facilities, and much more.

One area of nursing that is very flexible is Travel Nursing. Travel nurses provide short-term nursing assignments, about a 13- 26 week period contracts, at medical facilities throughout the country, as well as in other countries. The pay is great and one gets to travel all over the country.

Flexibility with one's career is an essential aspect of a job that most workers value. Job flexibility helps maintain career satisfaction which leads to better productivity and a lower employee turn around rate. Because nurses are in such great demand, and the flexibility that comes with the career, it is a great time to become a nurse. One is nearly assured of finding their dream nursing job. Nursing is a highly lucrative, respected, and rewarding career.

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