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No Cost One Week Definitive Self-confidence And Ego-Boost Strategy By Cosmic Ordering Expert Stephen Richards

No Cost One Week Definitive Self-confidence And Ego-Boost Strategy By Cosmic Ordering Expert Stephen Richards


"No Cost One Week Definitive Self-confidence And Ego-Boost Strategy By Cosmic Ordering Expert Stephen Richards"

by Stephen Richards

Affirmations used on their own are not as powerful as when they are used in conjunction with the system I have developed for self-confidence issues and in boosting your ego. What I have developed is superior enough on its own to challenge and overturn numerous conditions of the mind without the use of hypnosis or subliminal messaging.

Many will convince you that an affirmation will change your life, give you confidence and boost your ego but how can you be sure they are working? If used in the right way and often enough then an affirmation can bring changes to your life, but what if there was an easier way without you having to apply the hard work of chanting them a number of times per day? Well now there is an easier way, a new way that uses groundbreaking technology!

If you just chant or repeat an affirmation inside of your head like a parrot then you will find them to be a waste of time and effort. In order for an affirmation to work it has to get inside of your head and target the zone it was made for. Now all of that is possible through my specially designed "Ultimate Confidence & Ego Boost CD".

In order for you to discover the difference between just repeating an affirmation and how it can be used as a potent life-changing tool I am giving you, at no cost to you, seventy ego-boosting affirmations. Try using the affirmations, say them two or three times daily and then if you use the "Ultimate Confidence & Ego Boost CD" you will see the difference. Pick ten affirmations a day from the list below for the next week. repeat them first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Day 1

1. I have confidence in myself

2. I believe in myself

3 I am an action person; I do first things first and one thing at a time

4. I do my best

5 My age is always an advantage to me

6 The voice inside my head will become positive, supportive, and encouraging

7 I am growing in confidence and I will PULL myself in the direction of my dreams

8 I always prove my critics wrong, whoever they are

9 I'll discover inner strength and skills I never knew I had

10 I'll become immune to the effects of criticism and negativity from others

Day 2

11 Every success I achieve fuels my belief I can do even more

12. I think I'm a good human being

13 I will achieve anything I put my mind to

14 I have the confidence to go after my dreams full speed

15 I was born to win

16 I embrace the challenges and risks of everyday life, each one making me stronger and wiser

17. When I believe in myself, so do others

18. I express my needs and feelings

19. I am my own unique self - special, creative and wonderful

20 All thoughts of failure have faded to black

Day 3

21 I disagree with someone without being offensive or feeling defensive

22. I am worthy of love and respect

23. I am perfect in what I do

24 All doubt in myself has disappeared, replaced with supreme confidence

25 I make clear-headed decisions even under the most intense pressure

26 I can let setbacks roll off my back

27 I make hard, unpopular decisions in order to succeed

28. My self-worth is a reflection of my divine nature

29 I eliminate all barriers to effectively asserting my ideas and opinions

30. I am a good person, a worthy person

Day 4

31 All indecision is gone

32 I can think clearly even under extreme pressure

33. I can forgive and understand others and their motives

34 I work effectively and get along with even the most difficult people

35 I am free of any habit of putting off difficult tasks

36 I dissolve all blocks to clear, effective communication

37 I am forgiven for being self-critical in the past

38. I act with confidence having a general plan and accept plans are open to alteration

39. It is enough to have done my best

40 All fear of the future has been replaced with excitement and enthusiasm for it

Day 5

41 I make accurate, split-second decisions

42. I approve of myself and feel great about myself

43 I trust myself more and more everyday

44 I make difficult decisions with ease now

45. I am a cultured and wise and yet, a humble person

46 I can adapt to any surroundings I find myself in

47 My growing confidence is pulling me toward my dreams

48 The voice inside my head is always positive and encouraging

49. My high self esteem allows me to accept compliments easily and also freely compliment others

50. I accept others as they are and they in turn accept me as I am

Day 6

51. It matters little what others say. What matters is how I react and what I believe

52 I always keep the big picture in mind

53 I am an excellent judge of talent and character

54 I encourage people to be creative and solution oriented

55 I positively connect with people on an emotional level

56. I am solution minded. Any problem that comes up in life is solvable

57 I continually develop and sharpen my leadership skills

58 I encourage people to believe in themselves and strive for excellence

59 I appreciate successful people for what they can teach

60. I consciously release the past and live only in the present. That way I get to enjoy and experience life to the full

Day 7

61 My eyes are open to my enormous capabilities

62 I am capable of handling any possible difficulties which might occur

63. I express my ideas easily, and I know others respect my point of view

64. I am aware of my value system and confident of the decisions I make based on my current awareness

65 I have the character and strength of will to say no when I should

66 I place more importance on what I can do than what I cannot

67 I can think fast on my feet

68 Wealth is pouring into my life

69. The negative opinions or attitudes of others are worthless

70. It is not what happens to me, but how I handle it, that determines my emotional well being

About the Author:
Mind Power expert Stephen Richards is a master adept specialising in Cosmic Ordering. The "Ultimate Confidence & Ego Boost" CD uses groundbreaking methodsand can be seen on his web site. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service

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