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New Rich Report Review - What Is The Real Deal, Scam Or No?

New Rich Report Review - What Is The Real Deal, Scam Or No?


New Rich Report Review - What Is The Real Deal, Scam Or No?

by Kurt Henninger

If you look around in the network marketing industry, you'll see more and more buzz surrounding the New Rich Report. So is this new system just a MLM scam, or is it legitimate and worth your while?

So what is the New Rich Report all about? When you dig into it, it's a generic funded proposal system which can be used for any MLM or network marketing opportunity. What is a funded proposal system? Essentially it is a ready to plug into system which promotes various affiliate products and programs on the front end while allowing you to automatically promote your network marketing opportunity on the back-end, earning you commissions up front for additional cash.

Interestingly enough, the orginator of the system, Joel Broughton, has authored other advantageous MLM systems, one of which was payitforward4profits.

So what kind of programs are included in the New Rich Report? When you dig into the website at www.newrichreport.com you see that the founder Joel Broughton has included several funded proposal systems, to include Global Domains International and Global Virtual Opportunities. These would be an integral way of earning additional cash up front while promoting your primary network marketing opportunity. There are additional clickbank programs which you can tie back into as well.

One excellent feature of the new rich report is that it does offer a free website for you to use to market as you wish.

Now, the sum it up, is the new rich report worth it, or is it a fraud? Absolutely good looking program which should help many as it relies of a proven funded proposal model.

However, to really reach the pinnacle of success as a new rich report user, you will learn that no matter what features your product claims to have, and how extremely lucrative the system claims its compensation and is, true success is completely dependent upon you and your marketing.

Learning how to market yourself online with things like pay-per-click marketing, article marketing, and video marketing to generate targeted leads for yourself and for the newrichreport system you will be using. This really is what will improve your bottom line, not hype and promises of big paychecks. If you expect to just sign-up for a system and let it do all the work for you, honestly you are in for a rude awakening.

To learn more about how to market the new rich report itself for yourself, or other systems like it, read below and click on the link for more information.

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