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New Gucci Mane Information

New Gucci Mane Information


New Gucci Mane Information

by Milton Fairbanks

There is no denying that Gucci Mane is one of the best artists to come from Atlanta, Georgia. He has put out over five different albums in the past decade and is working on more projects. Unfortunately, he has had to serve jail time for the past couple years. He failed to do community service for an earlier sentence and this landed him in a lot of trouble.

Gucci also violated his probationary terms, which did not bode well for him in the courtroom. Despite the fact that he cannot record music in jail, he is still coming up with new material and new verses. In fact, one of his producers makes phone calls to Gucci Mane whenever he can to talk about new music. According to his producers, he is still busy at work and is working hard to perfect his craft.

Gucci Mane has been in the hip hop industry for a long time now, but has gained a lot of experience. If you know him, then you probably thought that he was never good with lyrics after hearing the song "Is You Rollin?" These days, things are different and he is getting props for being a good lyricist.

Some would argue that his rhyme skills are even better than Jay-Z. The newest project that he came out with titled "Radric vs. His State" was a success because it went gold. A lot of other individuals think that he would have sold a record amount if he was not in prison. It probably would have had a lot more sales if he would have been able to shoot more promotional music videos for some of his best songs.

Despite the obvious fact that he tries to create songs for his neighborhood, Gucci always attempts to make classic songs for the radio. He constantly strives to keep it real and create songs that nearly anyone will love. Gucci Mane has been able to come out with awesome CD's and his grind in the street tape game has been great. A specific tape that most people love is called "Trap Tacular" because he did it with the late DJ Scream.

One great trait that his street tapes carry is that they are able to generate heavy buzz. Are you a Gucci Mane fan? If you are, then you will want to follow the rumors about him getting an early release date from prison. He is set to come out with a brand new CD that will be put out sometime in late 2010. Take the time to get his new album, download the street tapes, and watch him keep improving his skills as a musician.

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