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Networking Support Training Simplified

Networking Support Training Simplified


Networking Support Training Simplified

by Jason Kendall

Without a regular deluge of qualified network and computer support staff, industry throughout the country (as elsewhere) would inevitably run into problems. We have an ever growing requirement for technically able people to support systems and users alike. With the increasingly multifaceted levels of technology, many more trained staff are being sought to specialise in the many areas we've come to rely on.

'Exam Guarantees' are often bundled with training offers - this always means you have to pay for the exams before you've even made a start on the course. But before you get taken in by guaranteed exams, think about this:

Of course it isn't free - you're still footing the bill for it - the cost has just been rolled into the whole training package.

We all want to pass first time. Entering examinations one at a time and paying as you go sees you much better placed to get through first time - you prepare appropriately and are aware of the costs involved.

Shouldn't you be looking to not pay up-front, but at the appropriate time, not to pay any mark-up to the training company, and to do it locally - instead of the remote centre that's convenient only to the trainer?

Is there a good reason to pay interest on a bigger loan than is necessary because you've paid early for examination fees when there's absolutely nothing that says you have to? Big margins are netted by organisations getting money in early for exam fees - and banking on the fact that many won't be taken.

Remember, with most 'Exam Guarantees' - they control when and how often you are allowed to do a re-take. Subsequent exam attempts are only authorised at the company's say so.

Exam fees averaged about 112 pounds twelve months or so ago via UK VUE or Prometric centres. So why pay hundreds or thousands of pounds extra for 'an Exam Guarantee', when it's no secret that the responsible approach is consistent and systematic learning, coupled with quality exam simulation software.

It only makes sense to consider retraining paths that'll progress to commercially accepted certifications. There's an endless list of small companies promoting their own 'in-house' certificates which will prove unusable in today's commercial market.

If the accreditation doesn't feature a company like Microsoft, CompTIA, Adobe or Cisco, then you'll probably find it will have been a waste of time - because it won't give an employer any directly-useable skills.

Proper support should never be taken lightly - locate a good company that provides 24x7 direct access, as not obtaining this level of support will severely hold up your pace and restrict your intake.

Avoid training that only supports trainees through a call-centre messaging service outside of normal office hours. Companies will defend this with all kinds of excuses. But, no matter how they put it - you want to be supported when you need the help - not when it's convenient for them.

It's possible to find the top providers who offer online support around the clock - at any time of day or night.

Never settle for anything less. Support round-the-clock is really your only option when it comes to IT training. Maybe burning the midnight-oil is not your thing; but for the majority of us however, we're working during the provided support period.

Technology and IT is one of the more stimulating and innovative industries that you can get into right now. Being up close and personal with technology means you're a part of the huge progress that will impact the whole world for generations to come.

We're barely starting to get a handle on what this change will mean to us. The way we communicate and interact with everyone around us will be significantly affected by technology and the internet.

If earning a good living is around the top on your scale of wants, you will appreciate the fact that the income on average of most men and women in IT is noticeably more than with much of the rest of industry.

It's evident that we have a substantial country-wide demand for trained and qualified IT technicians. In addition, with the marketplace continuing to expand, it is likely this pattern will continue for years to come.

Getting your first commercial position can be a little easier with the help of a Job Placement Assistance program. However sometimes there is more emphasis than is necessary on this service, because it is genuinely quite straightforward for any motivated and trained individual to secure a job in IT - because there's a great need for qualified personnel.

However, what is relevant is to have help with your CV and interview techniques though; and we'd encourage any student to work on polishing up their CV right at the beginning of their training - don't put it off until you've qualified.

It's not unusual to find that you'll land your first role while still studying (even in the early stages). If you haven't updated your CV to say what you're studying - or it's not getting in front of interviewers, then you won't even be considered!

Generally, you'll receive better performance from a specialist locally based employment agency than you will through a training provider's recruitment division, because they'll know the area better.

A good number of men and women, it would appear, invest a great deal of time on their training course (sometimes for years), and just give up when it comes to finding the right position. Introduce yourself... Do your best to get yourself known. A job isn't just going to bump into you.

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