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Nerf Vulcan: The Best Nerf Gun Yet

Nerf Vulcan: The Best Nerf Gun Yet


Nerf Vulcan: The Best Nerf Gun Yet

by Russell Masina

No Nerf gun can compare to the Nerf Vulcan. These are perfect for Nerf gun lovers of all ages. They are battery powered to give you plenty of distance when you fire away. You can share these with all of your friends and never be bored even if you play every day.

This Nerf gun requires 6 D batteries to operate which are not included. This allows rapid fire of darts for hours of fun. The darts fire at a rate of about three per second to ensure quick fun for most all ages. This isn't something the kids are likely to get bored with in a few minutes time.

Chances are you will never have to take a child to the emergency room because of a Nerf gun. They have super safe and soft foam darts that go above and beyond what most would consider safe. These aren't likely to break your favorite vase or put a child's eye out.

Kids like them because they are fun and they love to shoot each other. This allows them play they can enjoy without safety issues. They are made similar to a machine gun where the bullets are fed through the sides . These little toys can shoot up to thirty-five feet.

Accessories can be bought separately. If you buy accessories then you should be sure they will fit the model you own. You can buy a scope or light to help you aim and shoot your target. The light may even help you to be able to play in the evening hours when natural light is dim.

Nerf has many models on the market but none that fire as fast and as well as this one does. Some of the accessories for your other guns may fit this one as well but not all. You will want to check the model numbers to see if they will fit your specific gun before you make a purchase.

These toys look nothing like a real gun and cannot be confused for one even in low light. Nerf has specially designed safe toys for children though they are not recommended for children under 6 years of age. As with all toys, proper parental supervision is recommended especially with younger children.

Most any little boy would love to add the Nerf Vulcan to his collection. As far as toy guns go this is about as safe as they get. You can buy these at just about any toy store or order online. Get them for your child and all of his friends for hours of outdoor play this summer.

About the Author:
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