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Negative Calorie Food: The Dietary Substitute For Exercise.

Negative Calorie Food: The Dietary Substitute For Exercise.


Negative Calorie Food: The Dietary Substitute For Exercise.

by Jacob Heinzel

Ever heard of foodstuffs that can help you to burn out excess fats in your system? Well such foods exist and these foods are known as negative calorie food. Gaining weight is an issue that a lot of people have to deal with at least once in their lives. For the most part you will be caught up in dieting regimes that forbid the intake of food as if it were a sin to eat. But losing weight has never been this simpler. The discovery of this food quality has helped a lot of people come up with a healthy solution to weight problems.

Negative calorie foods are in abundance in our immediate environment. Grapefruits are those orange look alike fruits that are strangely bitter when unripe. This fruit contains negative calories on top of them containing essential vitamin C. Grapes; garlic and green beans also have negative calories. Other foods that have negative calories are lemons; lettuce; oranges; tomatoes; watermelons; pumpkins; peaches and papaya, the list is seemingly endless.

Knowing the way negative calories functions helps you to know what actually happens when you consume them. Grapefruits; lemons and naartjies have acid in them. It is this acidic component that is important when it comes to metabolism and the digestion of food. The breakdown of fats is quicker when there are sufficient acids in the system.

Vegetables that possess negative calories are cabbage; lettuce and broccoli. Now, these foods are fibrous and they have a lot of fibre in them. So the reason why these are good when it comes to dieting is that they take long to digest. If they take long to digest that means they require more energy to digest and it is this quality that makes them bur out fats. They also give the feeling of being full, something that will inevitably make you eat way less than usual.

When eating negative calorie foods you must remember one thing, eat them in their fresh and natural state. This means you shouldn't add anything to them, eat them like they are. Adding things like butter; salad dressing or salt can hamper the positive effects that they are capable of dispensing.

A balanced diet is key to reaping the most benefits from negative calorie food. Don't just eat negative calories alone because you really want to lose weight. Eat other foodstuffs as well and don't neglect proteins; carbohydrates and vitamins. Eating a lot of these negative calories doesn't exactly mean you will lose weight faster.

Be careful of the myth related to foods like these. Some people now think eating a lot of negative calories is key to losing the most weight. Your body still requires calories from other foods. Calories are essential to the normal functioning of the body and it would be very detrimental to your health if you solely depended on negative calories.

If you are eating negative calorie foods so as to lose weight you have to be careful. The myth that negative calories alone are all you need to lose weight is overstated. You will have to supplement your negative calorie diet with exercise if you want the best results possible. When you eat these foods I suggest that you jog or go to the gym.

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