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My Paid Surveys List Has the Very Top Paid Survey Sites Online

My Paid Surveys List Has the Very Top Paid Survey Sites Online


My Paid Surveys List Has the Very Top Paid Survey Sites Online

by Adam Woodrow

A free paid surveys list can go a long way. The bad part is that nine out of ten of the lists stink to high heaven. The survey sites below have all been personal favorites of mine for at least two years, so I know that they are consistent and high paying. When it comes to a paid surveys list, I always look at payments, user-friendliness and amount of survey offers.

Fusion Cash - I have no clue how I found them, because it was so long ago. I'm just thankfully that I ran across them, because they are the survey site to which I compare every single other survey site in existence. That's how much respect I have for them. They may not be the flashiest website, which is a good thing most of the time, but they fulfill their promise every single day. I always get the highest paying surveys offers with them, although I don't know exactly why. My best guess is that they don't have to advertise much, because I very rarely see any of their advertisements on the web. This means that they can up their payments to their members. That's why the are number one of my paid surveys list of free survey sites.

Global - Their name is a fixture in this industry, because they are just about everywhere. If you ever wanted to know which websites started the industry of free survey sites, you don't have to look anywhere else besides Global. They are one of the first Grandfathers in this way of earning money. They have such amazing reputations with may of the largest companies around the globe, and they get their survey offers first, which is when they pay the highest, and that's why they are firmly on my paid surveys list.

Because of the exclusive nature of them, Global can pay a lot more than most smaller websites. Once 100's of websites get the same survey offers, the payments tend to go down quite a bit. That's why I like going to them first most of the time, to make sure I get the most cash. They don't have quite as many offers as Fusion Cash, but the amount they pay makes up for it in the long run. That's why they are number two on my paid surveys list of free survey sites.

MyPoints - If you are hesitant to join websites that offer points, you are not alone. MyPoints isn't your typical points website, though, because you turn them right into cash when you want your money, so you don't have to worry about stupid sweepstakes or the horrible raffles that many places have. You turn those points right into money, in the form of a check, or Paypal payment. Besides this one trait, they are exactly the same as Fusion in all other aspects, but they do not have as many survey offers for you to complete. This isn't a knock against them, because no other place has as many as Fusion. That is why all three of these free survey sits are on my paid surveys list.

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