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Muay Thai Training - An Active Gap Year

Muay Thai Training - An Active Gap Year


Muay Thai Training - An Active Gap Year

by Sarah Brenning-Rose

An exciting new fashion is forming on the thailand gap year scene, totally different from anything found in the gap year industry. It is now apparent that many people considering a gap year are feeling bored with voluntarism holidays and choosing to take their thailand gap year as a time dedicated to getting really fit and at the same time mastering the Thai national sport, Muay thai Kick boxing curtesty of an adrenaline travel gap year company called Xtreme Gap.

If you imagine a Thailand gap year, the first thing that comes to mind with most people, is not heavy fitness training and gyms. Most individuals dream of incredible beaches, palm trees and spending lots of time lazing around in the tropics. If there is any sweating to be done, it will be whilst perfecting a golden tan, not at the hands of professional muay thai trainer.

A thailand gap year is the perfect time to improve your fitness and personal wellbeing. Considering most things are weighing in your favour, you really have no excuse not to gie it a go. Great tasting and above all healthy food is available everywhere, and then you add the mental inspiration gained from wanting to look good on the beach, you have the perfect recipe for getting into shape.

Personal trainers will tell you that it is important to let your body wind down after a hard physical training session. Relaxing will be a walk in the park on your Thailand gap year. After all you are not spoilt for shady palm trees to lay under on a tropical beach. This will give you all the recovery time you need, what's more, you will not have to feel guilty about lying there either, you have earned your rest.

Training in muay Thai is a good way to get fit, it is said that you can burn over 700 calories per one hour session, this is helped due to the interactive, one to one nature of the training. You will be pushed to your limits. This kind of personal training would cost several thousand pounds in the UK, not with the xtreme gap year Muay thai training programme, it is one of the best value Thailand gap year activities out there.

If you are looking for a thailand gap year with a twist, at the end of the Xtreme Gap muay Thai training programmes, you can actually get in the ring and fight a professional muay Thai boxer. This is in front of 200 supporters who may or may not be betting against you. Just be sure to win on loose a lot of face with your supporters.

If you wanted to add more thailand gap year activities to your programme, there are several options available to you all of which work well together with a Muay Thai training course. Yoga helps with your flexibility, whilst Freediving training can greatly increase your Cardio. Then if you wanted to learn to dive, this can also be worked in with your programme.

Many people are very pleasantly surprised at just how quickly they see noticeable gains in their health and fitness after starting a Muay Thai fitness course. The first few sessions are no doubt the toughest, but then that is what a gap year should all about: a challenge. After a week or so they get into their new lifestyle and never look back, returning from their Thailand gap year fitter, happier and healthier than before.

About the Author:
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