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More About Alternative Cures

More About Alternative Cures


More About Alternative Cures

by Karen Taylor

A lot of folks in the United States strangely find it hard to believe that alternative medicine exists. I will cease this opportunity to tell you point blank that it not only exists, but it also works. You only need to open your mind up to it.

At one time the thought of a different way of healing people aside from clinical means was alien to a lot of Americans and even folks from the West. Somehow the idea just wasn't appealing enough to be credible. Today though, many Americans would even consider that first before they go to the hospital. I suppose that says one for persistence.

At some point, Western medicine condemned other forms from other cultures as being unhygienic and abstract. Thankfully over time, this stand has changed into something more of grudging respect than anything else. It is because sometimes when the hospital does not work, alternative cures are the solution.

When people get sick, they need treatment; when they cant get that treatment from the hospital, they turn to other means. These other means are called alternative. So now you know what alternative medicine is all about.

It is not every time that your miracle cure has to come from a hospital; sometimes you have got to reach out to other things. Native American medicine for one is so potent that it is a wonder much of it is not incorporated into modern curatives. What man has lost!

I once saw a young Indian kid limp out of a hospital ward with a fractured femur, barely able to walk. He said he was going to see a bone-setter from his own settlement and that the doctors just weren't doing it for him. I was surprised when three weeks later he returned with a smile on his face and nary a limp. He told me then that alternative cures worked, and then I believed.

Witch doctors may not seem very appealing to you, but they know their business and they do it well. Aside from some of the hocus pocus that they throw around, they actually do have some of the most amazing healing techniques. You can afford to learn about them; they could save your life.

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