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MLM Genealogy Lists: Can You Really Recruit These Leads Into Your Business?

MLM Genealogy Lists: Can You Really Recruit These Leads Into Your Business?


MLM Genealogy Lists: Can You Really Recruit These Leads Into Your Business?

by Randy Disert

One strategy to build a network marketing business is by purchasing MLM genealogy lists. These leads are sold by old MLM companies that have closed their doors and are not in business anymore. This may appear to be a very good recruiting strategy since the people on this list are already familiar with the MLM industry and have proven to open their wallets previously. They are also liked because you have the chance of bringing someone in that is a heavy hitter and will bring along everyone that they recruited into that prior business.

There are some problems; however, when buying an MLM genealogy list. These setbacks consist of the fact that they are old lists and out of date. It may even be possible that the people you calling failed in that company they were already involved in and it left a bad taste in their mouth. Another problem is that you are hoping you find one of those heavy hitters to come in and build your team. The reality is if they are really that good they are most likely currently involved in some other deal and placing all of their attention on that one and will have no time for you or your opportunity.

Also, you should be made aware of the facts that these genealogy leads have most likely already been contacted by someone else because that list you bouhgt was sold to many other people as well. You will in no way be able to sponsor anyone if they are continually receiving phone calls from various people asking to sign up with their deal. These leads will ignore your calls as they are getting annoyed them.

To succeed in making cold calls to a MLM genealogy list you must be very patient as work your way through the list. Not everyone will join; although there will be a percentage that do. Knowing how to talk to a prospect and close them is very important, even with these kinds of leads. If you failed to properly close your warm market contacts there is no way you will ever be able to close these leads.

If you are just trying to find new leads and people to talk to about your opportunity there are easier and more cost effecient ways to accomplish just that. You can sponsor new distributors into your business on a daily basis if you know how to market your opportunity correctly. Online marketing is a unique strategy to constantly generate your own leads and sell to them at anytime you desire. Using the right system and strategies you can even profit from your leads who do not want to join your business. So stop purchasing MLM genalogy lists and start creating your own list of high quality leads. That list is yours and it is the lifeblood of your business.

About the Author:
MLM genealogy lists are one way to build your network marketing business. Creating your own list is actually a better way. To learn how to build your own list of leads, visit Randy Disert's online MLM system now.

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