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Milwaukee Tools, Parts And Accessories - Redefining The Tool Industry By Example

Milwaukee Tools, Parts And Accessories - Redefining The Tool Industry By Example


Milwaukee Tools, Parts And Accessories - Redefining The Tool Industry By Example

by Bart Icles

Milwaukee tools has the distinction of having almost more than a century's experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing top-quality, heavy-duty power tools for all types of users worldwide. Its tools, accessories and replacement parts are designed and built to last a lifetime for various working conditions and applications to suit most demands required by hobbyists and commercial tool workers alike.

The company was established in 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by A. F. Siebert, and was named the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. It was mainly engaged in making top quality electric tool repairs, and then expanded its operations by including the refurbishing of other tools as well. Through this successful endeavor and additional research in the tool segment, the company was able to manufacture its products more durable that firmly put the brand name in the power tool market while getting the trust and approval of the power tool market.

The company's efforts saw a great improvement to its more 500 current list of electric power tool models, while creating a benchmark for other power tool manufacturers to envy and emulate. With research and development spearheading its drive to provide its customers and the general power tool public with the most modern and affordable equipments that substantially helped ease work-load concerns that resulted in having high-quality finished products a common sight in all work sites. All Milwaukee tools have the enviable ISO 9000- and ISO 9001 certification, making it one the most widely used and accepted power tool of choice in a worldwide scale.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation's current products numbering to almost 500 power tool models, its accessories and parts include the following: generators, band saws, drain cleaners, drill presses, electric drills, grinders, hammer drills, heat guns, hoists, impact drivers, impact wrenches, jig saws, job site radios, lighting, miter saws, nailers, nibblers/shearers, polishers, rotary hammers, routers, sanders, Sawzalls, screwdrivers and vacuums. It comes in the voltage configurations in the 12v, 18v, 28v, 120v, and 230v. Presently based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Milwaukee Tools is owned and operated by Techtronic Industries Co., Ltd., of Hong Kong.

Current users of Milwaukee power tools know that all power tools of the company are and always will be one of the soundest tool investments today. It incorporates a user-friendly functioning quality that always makes all work applications are done in the easiest, safest, and most efficient way possible. So, the next time you are in the market for a specific power tool, make sure to check out the Milwaukee brand to see what you've been missing out.

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