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Medical Supply Industries Are Having Positive Effects On The American Population

Medical Supply Industries Are Having Positive Effects On The American Population


Medical Supply Industries Are Having Positive Effects On The American Population

by Janine Lennington

Modern health care has made huge strides in the past four decades because the medical supply industries has benefited the American population. The medical supply and health industries have changed the length of life expectancy and quality of life for the betterment of humanity. Years ago many people had to live in a world without the modern technology which exists today.

For many decades the usage of medical technology was limited to medical physicians and nurses. Patients with diabetes had to visit their physician in order to check blood glucose levels. In this century diabetics have a hands on approach to their health care and they can take charge of their health. Diabetics can monitor blood glucose levels at home with a glucose meter.

Home diagnostic tests like the blood pressure monitor and the home glucose meter are not the only technologies which medical supply companies provide.

Powered wheel chairs and prosthetic limbs are some of the latest technologies on the market. A paraplegic patient does not need a person to push the wheelchair because the powered chairs are electronically operated. Gone are the days of wooden prosthetic limbs which were not functional or aesthetically pleasing. Now prosthetic limbs can flex, contract, and pivot just like the human bones that they imitate.

Hormone replacement therapy and new forms of birth control have appeared in this decade. Many women receive hysterectomies during menopause which causes a lack of estrogen. Hormone replacement has effectively helped millions of women to face menopause. Adhesive patches and injections which contain timed released hormones have alleviated concerns about birth control. In the past most women had to take a birth control pill at a certain time each day to prevent pregnancy. Adhesive patches and injections have lifted those strict daily schedules because there a less guidelines for the patient. Birth Control has been simplified.

When a woman is experiencing menopause and chooses to have a hysterectomy, she will experience a decrease in estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy can provide some relief for menopausal patients. Birth control has evolved in the past two decades with new techniques to apply it. Injections and adhesive patches which release hormones have improved methods of birth control. For decades women had to take a daily birth control capsule to prevent pregnancy. The patches and injections has removed those restrictions and given the patient an easier routine. Birth Control has become uncomplicated.

Homeopathic and holistic remedies have become more prevalent in the medical supply and health care industries. Preventing illness and disease by taking vitamins, herbs, eating a balanced diet, and exercising are recommended by most medical practitioners. Some health care plans provide exercise equipment for patients while others advise vitamins and herbs to live a healthier life.

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