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McDavid Ankle Brace Review

McDavid Ankle Brace Review


McDavid Ankle Brace Review

by J. Pal

The McDavid Ankle Brace can provide maximum protection for the ankle as it is designed to reduce ankle sprains. These include inversion sprains (when the ankle is twisted inwards), eversion sprains (where the ankle is twisted outwards), and rotation sprains (when the ankle is bent around too far).

What are the features of the McDavid Ankle Brace? The McDavid Ankle Brace has a low profile hinge. Which helps if you have little room in your footwear. It also makes the brace more comfortable to wear. The pivoting hinge on the brace can achieve a higher level of manoeuvrability which can also help improve the brace's comfort level. The brace also has a stretch sleeve to support the ankle.

Because of the brace's light weight design, flexibility and low-profile hinge. The McDavid Ankle Brace can be worn for hours at a time without negatively impacting your agility or performance. For athletes, the ankle Brace can help both treat and prevent all types of ankle injuries including high ankle injuries.

High ankle injuries (also known as eversion sprains) occur from twisting your ankle outwards. You will know if you have a high ankle injury if you find it hard to walk and have bruising around the ankle.

How do ankle injuries occur? Ankle injuries occur when the ankle is twisted sharply and include injuries such as strains, sprains, and avulsion fractures. Avulsion fractures occur when the damaged ankle ligaments pull off a small piece of bone from where it was attached. Many individuals that have experienced an ankle injury will likely experience recurring ankle injuries.

How can a McDavid Ankle Brace help me? The McDavid Ankle Brace can provide the ankle support athletes need to prevent initial or recurring ankle injuries. And aid in the healing process of current ankle injuries by providing much needed stability and support to the injured ankle.

What is the McDavid company background? The company was started by Dr. Robert F. McDavid in 1969. The company was responsible for developing the first well known knee brace. McDavid now does much more. As well as many knee braces, the company also offers a good range of sports medicine. They don't just develop products to prevent and treat injuries, but also to enhance performance when using their products.

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