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Manchester Employment Solicitor Successful In Case For Factory Worker

Manchester Employment Solicitor Successful In Case For Factory Worker


Manchester Employment Solicitor Successful In Case For Factory Worker

by Donald McGowan

Through health and safety training, making sure that the machinery is working effectively or just checking that everyone knows exactly what they are doing, any workplace should ensure that its workers are in the safest position to be carrying out their work.

This is because any workers, especially manual workers can contract all sorts of ailments if they are not doing their job in the correct way; one of the more peculiar of these ailments is a disease called Vibration White Finger, which a Manchester worker has recently contracted through improper use of his machinery.

The employee, who was an HGV pipe liner at a local factory had been using vibratory equipment for over twenty years before the onset of Vibratory White Finger became clear in his hands; his job led to him crawling underground for long stretches of time, connecting pipes with foam, then chopping the tops off manholes and suchlike with vibratory equipment such as chain-saws, grinders and precision drills.

The pipe liner initially noticed a tingling sensation in his hands approximately ten years before he actually made the claim as he noticed that his right hand was affected more, when he suffered from a numbness and a certain lack of feeling. He first thought that the problems were because of bad circulation, until he saw an advert on television which advised miners about the Vibration White Finger Compensation Scheme and realised that his suffering could be work related.

After contacting a Manchester employment solicitor for some legal advice, the employment lawyer discovered that he had never been offered any official warning about Vibration White Finger by his employers, or been provided with any safety equipment or preventative measures against such a disease.

The disease has meant that the worker has lost some grip and strength in his forearms, making it much more difficult to do his job, particularly in wet conditions; his employers had a duty of care to ensure that such an incident did not take place, a duty that they did not honour.

Contact a Manchester employment solicitor today for some excellent legal advice if you have suffered an illness or injury because of the negligence of your employers, with the option of pursuing a case against your employers to see if you can claim the compensation that you deserve.

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