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Making Your Dorm Room a Home Away From Home

Making Your Dorm Room a Home Away From Home


Making Your Dorm Room a Home Away From Home

by Marti Ross

Your very own dorm room. Your home away from home. How will you go about making it "yours" something that reflects your personal style without breaking the bank?

What will you sleep on? Will you bring your bed from home? Will it be more cost effective to buy a new bed or ship your current one? Will you have room to have a futon - something that can double as a bed and a couch? Regardless of what you choose, plan to spend a bit more on your comforter. Get something that reflects your style, that's washable and that hides the dirt in case laundry doesn't get done as often as it should. Consider, though, if you bring your bed from home, where will you sleep on holidays when you go back to your old room.

Plastic storage bins, available at most any dollar type outlet store, will be lifesavers. Slip them under your bed for additional storage. Use them to do double duty as storage and to make yourself a desk. Stack the containers, put a board across them and voila you've just created a double duty desk space. Plastic crates stacked in the closet can also serve as a dresser.

You will be doing a lot of studying in your room, so make certain you have a place for your computer, whether you're using a laptop or a PC. If you have a laptop, invest in a laptop desk and you can work while sitting on the bed. If you can't afford a desk, fashion one out of a sturdy piece of wood and place it atop plastic storage containers (the containers can do double duty).

Saving money in some areas is all right but make sure when it comes to lighting your room, you have adequate lighting. Nothing is worse than squinting at the text in your books because the lighting isn't proper. Before you buy a light fixture determine whether you'll be putting it on a desk, or if you'll have lamp that affixes to the wall above your study space.

When considering space, keep an easily accessible area for your toiletries, especially if you will have to go own the hall to use the showers and bathrooms. Also, invest in a waterproof container that you can carry back and forth with you for the toiletries you'll need after your shower.

Make the most of your new college adventure but don't break the bank on decorating. Make your dorm room space reflect your personal style but do it frugally. Plan ahead, though, on what you'll do with your new purchases once the school year is over. Where will you store it until a new school year begins?

About the Author:
Marti Ross is an education columnist whose interests include campus life, distance education, financial aid, and online degree programs.

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