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Make A Colourful Marriage

Make A Colourful Marriage


Make A Colourful Marriage

by Judith J. Conway

White wedding flowers have been the trademark of all marriages for several decades. But, it is time to shun away the traditional norm of white wedding flowers and add a hint of color to your wedding. Here are some straightforward proposals to make your wedding decorative by trying flowers in bright and joyous colours.

For a start, you can get rid of the idea the bride' bouquet must always be of pure and pristine white flowers. Instead, the modern bride can boost it by adding lush colors of the season in the form of colorful flowers in hues of emerald green, fuchsia pink, deep purple red, and so on.

If this is not where you want to stop, you may be able to add carnations. The advantage of carnations is that they come in a selection of colors. Prepare the bridal bouquet of carnations only but include carnations of pink, yellow, orange, red, white or any other possible color you would like.

You can also use different tones of a matching color for flowers. In this case, its silk wedding flowers give you more chance to play with shades rather then their natural variety of blossoms.

For the wedding dcor, you can create texture dcor by trying different shades of an identical color. For instance, if you are using purple, then you can purple, lilac and everything that lies in between. This will not just set a color theme for your marriage but also add to the feel.

To make your marriage even more eye-catching you can select to experiment with the more unusual color combinations. Try orange and pink, purple and green or red or chocolate brown etc. these uncommon color combos will make your marriage the discussion of the city.

Go in for surprising combos like purple and green, orange and pink, red and chocolate brown and such like.Try these unique color combinations and you are certain to make your wedding the most stylish in town. If you do not want to go too experimental, then you can go in for muted shades of contrasting colours.

If you do not want to go too overboard with the use of colours, then adding a dash of green will be a neat concept. You may use a lot of leaves and foliage. This will not just raise the employment of colours but also give a more natural appeal to the marriage flowers.

While you are preparing the venue, make sure colours at acceptable locations in the room. Light in that part of the room is the decisive factor here.

Use these concepts reasonably to make your wedding look like a riot of colors.

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