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Looking For A Magical Vacation? Forget Disney...Let Florence Italy Cast Its Spell On You!

Looking For A Magical Vacation? Forget Disney...Let Florence Italy Cast Its Spell On You!


Looking For A Magical Vacation? Forget Disney...Let Florence Italy Cast Its Spell On You!

by Glenn Aitelli

Originally established by Julius Caesar as a settlement for his veteran soldiers, Florence Italy was known as Florentia, meaning "the flourishing". Florence was built in the style of an army camp with all main streets intersecting at the present Piazza della Repubblica. Florence, most well known for its abundance of art and history is also well known for its mouthwatering culinary delights. People the world over travel to Florence each year to soak up the culture of this beautiful region, as well as savor some of the most delicious food.

To have the ultimate Tuscan culinary experience, order the Bistecca Fiorentina which is a massive t-bone steak served rare and full of amazing flavor. The flavors of Tuscany are bold and vibrant, rich olive oil, hearty rosemary and lots of thick crusty bread. Florence also has restaurants that cater to every taste and style of cooking.


The city of Florence spared no expense when it comes to culture.There is a lot to see and do and you will enjoy discovering the hidden treasures at every turn. Florence was a city of banking, and the Medici was its family of credit. The Medici family spread its banks across Italy in an effort to generate profit through offering credit to Italian citizens. Florence is well known for its Renaissance era works of art but many people overlook the Gallery of Modern Art. The Museum houses 18th, 19th and 20th century works that are modern by comparison to a city so old. The museum is located on the second floor of the Pitti Place.

Michelangelo's David, probably the most recognizable sculpture in the world, is in the Galleria dell' Academia. You'll also find other important works of art such as Michelangelo's unfinished slaves. A copy of the "David" stands in the Piazza della Signoria, which is in the heart of the city. Other sites to see are:

* Santa Maria del Fiore, the Duomo. 13th century giant with Vasari's fresco "Last Judgment" on the interior Dome

*Santa Croce Basilica- Home to many famous graves including Michelangelo, Galileo and Marconi.

For a nice day trip, drive through the vineyard covered hills and stop at the wineries to sample some of the different wines that the area produces. There are tour companies that specialize in wine tasting tours.


Hotels in Florence can be found around every twist and turn of the city, offering something for every type of travel budget. Many budget hotels are found near Santa Maria Novella train station, next to the Arno River and on the city outskirts. Plan out what you would like to see and do, then look on the city map for something in that area.

Soggiorno Battistero is a charming Hotel in the heart of Florence, directly across from the Baptistery and Duomo. The hotel has simple, comfortable and large rooms at a price that even your accountant would approve of. You will get breakfast daily with the price of your room and the staff is very helpful and can assist you with restaurant reservations and advice on things to see. Hotels just next door are three times the price and don't offer the view or service that Soggiorno Battistero does. Florence is one of the greatest cities in the world and you will fall in love and long to come back again and again!

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