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Long-term Care Insurance Could Be One Of The Best Investments

Long-term Care Insurance Could Be One Of The Best Investments


Long-term Care Insurance Could Be One Of The Best Investments

by Joe Costalo

It's difficult to watch ourselves age. It's also difficult to watch our parents age. It's even more difficult when it comes to figuring out how to help them when the time comes. This type of help can be anything from some financial assistance, a few trips to the doctor's office, or helping them find a long term care facility they - or you - can afford. Perhaps you and your parents should have considered buying some long term care insurance years ago. But what is long term care insurance?

Long term care insurance is an excellent investment, no matter what age you are when you buy your policy. Unfortunately, too many of us ignore the fact that we are going to get old someday, and we put off anything to do with forcing us to deal with our own mortality. Until it's almost too late.

As we put off buying the insurance, the premiums increase and finally, for too many of us, we learn the hard way that we will be needing some type of long term care and we either find that we have huge deductibles because we'll need to use our regular health insurance, or worse, we find out we have to pay for everything out of pocket.

This type of insurance, in actuality, is one of the most reasonably priced types of coverage when it comes to costs vs. Benefits. A policy purchased in your forties, for example, with standard coverage such as nursing homes and rehab (or hospice), will probably be less expensive than your car insurance!

These policies can be virtually custom designed. There are so many options and so many riders that almost everyone can afford at least some level of coverage. It's important to note that long term care isn't always for the sick and elderly. Something as simple as a bad car accident can put that same 30 year old in a rehab facility for a year or more

Different carriers have different types of coverage, different options, and even different health providers. For example, if Uncle John stayed in a particular facility a few years ago and everyone in the family had good things to say about that place, you may want to check out insurance companies that use this facility as a provider.

Some of these policies can provide an incredible amount of financial help when the time comes. With long term facilities averaging over $500 a day, not many regular insurance plans will cover these for more than a few weeks - no matter what.

About the Author:
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