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Live Your Dream: Beverly Hills Lots For Sale

Live Your Dream: Beverly Hills Lots For Sale


Live Your Dream: Beverly Hills Lots For Sale

by Raul Gettig

For years, many perceive living in the famous Mulholland Drive as an elusive dream. Yet, today the gloomy experience of the real estate industry seems to turn the once impossible dream into a reality. Beverly Hills lots for sale and the dream of living in Mulholland Drive is slowly becoming accessible and affordable to everyone.

If you are unfamiliar this area of Beverly Hills, you may wonder why people would be excited about Mulholland Drive lots for sale. Mulholland Drive has a rich and storied history. The two-lane road travels the ridge line of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Hollywood Hills and is the setting for some of the most exclusive and expensive homes in the world. Most of these homes, situated well off the road and sheltered from view, offer spectacular views of Hollywood and the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles. Many celebrities, both young and old, have homes situated along Mulholland Drive making it a popular drive for tourists to the area.

Mulholland Drive homes can be bought at around one to eight million dollars. Bigger and newly built homes have extensive floor plans and may cost closer to the end of the price scale. Swimming pools, garages, pool houses and guest houses can be seen in compounds. 1940s and 1950s houses can be bought at a lower price because they are smaller and they need more contemporary facilities to be able to compete with the newly built ones. If you want to be a next door neighbor of an acclaimed personality, then be ready to pay for more than the real value of the lot. Famous celebrities like Jack Nicholson probably own one or more house and lots because of the closer distance between Hollywood and the studios. These individuals value their privacy more than anything else in the world that's why you need to pay the price if you really wanted to become a part of their community.

Not all lots for sale in Beverly Hills are as pricey as the ones along Mulholland Drive. Due to the economy slump, a lot of beautiful properties are on sale because there is a high need for quick cash and bank foreclosures. Beverly Hills lot for sale oftentimes already have an existing home or building but to demolish the older ones and rebuild on the same location to expand the normal size or to add on to the amenities of the built structure. Many Beverly Hills properties are in greater demand even before the real estate values declined. Those who cannot afford to live in high end communities like the ones along the Mulholland Drive can lately easily buy properties in the most prominent areas in the United States. However, good deals in Beverly Hills are still a bit expensive compared to other areas of the country.

Lots for sale in Beverly Hills give the opportunity of living near Hollywood. It is also an excellent place for people who work in Los Angeles or those who want to move in the area. It is close to exquisite shopping destinations along Rodeo Drive and the Golden Triangle, fine-dining fancy restaurants in Hollywood and exclusive, private and public schools. There are also a lot of relaxation and recreational facilities around the place which are best for families.

The current economic downturn could help achieving your dream of living in Beverly Hills. You might be able to consider your acquired asset as the best value ever bought in a lifetime. Despite the big savings you have from acquiring a property in Beverly Hills, you must still be ready for the somewhat high cost of living in the famous Hollywood.

About the Author:
Beverly Hills lots for sale is located at Mulholland Drive, presenting privacy from the hassledowntown lifestyle in LA.

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