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Live Oaks Improve Home Values

Live Oaks Improve Home Values


Live Oaks Improve Home Values

by Jimmy Gray

With today's ever-changing economy, many families are choosing to stay at home with their family instead of taking expensive vacations. Wisely, they are spending more money on their home, to enhance their living environment and increase profit on their investment. The new word is "staycations". Families are devising improvements to their home and landscaping in order to maximize their staycation enjoyment.

According to a 1998 University of FL study, landscaping plays a large part in the resale of property. The report states that homes with mature trees and added landscaping color sold quicker. A report by The Associated Landscape gardening Contractors of America states, that a attractively landscaped yard with mature trees will generate a Hundred to 200% return on investment. In the South, when people think of mature trees they ordinarily think of cascading Live Oak trees, draped with moss, in parks and lining city streets.

If you are a homeowner in the southeastern United States considering adding mature trees to raise your property, you?re probably have thought about live oaks. Now you must consider which size of live oak; how to recognize high caliber live oaks; and where to make your purchase and how to care for the trees you choose.

Southern Pride Tree Farm located in Bell Florida, specializes in large high caliber Live Oaks. Since 1990 Southern Pride has worked with homeowners, landscapers, developers and cities to recognise and select high quality trees. Their website emphasizes the importance of proper transportation and gives fantabulous advice about planting and care.

All Southern Pride trees are field grown which establish in the landscape faster compared to container grown trees: Southern Pride Tree Farm does not rush the maturation of their trees; root pruning allows for strong, firm root systems and curing or hardening off means that the trees are dug in winter months while inactive and show new root growth before sending to a customer. Above the ground, proper pruning of trees during the early growing stages is a priority to take out feeble branches so the aged branches as the tree grows are the strongest branches of the tree. These are a few crucial considerations when choosing where you will purchase your Live Oak trees.

Southern Pride Tree Farm grows three varieties of Live Oak trees, each with very decided characteristics: The Highrise live Oak is the perfect choice when space is limited; The Cathedral live Oak is more of a dense shade tree and ofttimes utilized for privacy; and, The Standard live oak tree is wonderful for the natural southern landscape with tall or sprawling landscape garden designs.

Unique for a wholesale tree nursery, Southern Pride also sells to individuals. For years Southern Pride Tree Farm has offered the same wholesale pricing to homeowners that landscapers, developers and cities receive when purchasing trees and greater discounts for larger quantities. Whether you are a homeowner looking for one focal tree or multiple trees to line your property, Southern Pride Tree Farm will hand pick your tree, or trees, send you pictures prior to purchasing, and make arrangements for shipping. In addition, they always provide installation and care instructions.

The oldest known southern live Oak tree in the United States is in a park outside of Charleston South Carolina and estimated to be over 1,400 years old.

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