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Listen to Business Owners -- Save With a Draft Stopper

Listen to Business Owners -- Save With a Draft Stopper


Listen to Business Owners -- Save With a Draft Stopper

by Angie Meza

Business owners know all about saving money these days and there is no reason why you should not as well. They have been aware that there are some great products available on the market to help them and we can use these to our advantage around the house if we are creative. Utility costs have gone through the roof in recent times and this is one of the prime areas we should be looking at. By investing in a draft stopper or two we can certainly cut back.

If you have more than your fair share of gray hairs, it could be to do with the rising cost of utilities, as they seem to be out of control. It's no joke trying to balance the budget every month. Compare the cost of utilities today with twelve months ago - it can be very sobering. We need to look at every single opportunity to help us cut back on our usage as soon as possible.

A draft stopper is a very handy tool that can certainly help to save utility costs. As they are purpose made for the job in hand, you can be assured that years of research have gone into their creation and they will provide you with the best materials possible. Apply one to each of your problem areas as they are so cost effective that you can have many in stock. Expect to see significant savings in the cost of your cooling or heating in short order. Get those records out from previous seasons and get ready to compare and enjoy your savings.

A draft stopper is made from polypropylene which is a very hard wearing and tough material, perfect for the job. Once they are put in place, these products will not deteriorate and will last for a long time. As they are filled with ground corn cob, you can rest assured that you have the best insulating material as well. Say goodbye to those pesky drafts.

It is said that 25% of an average utility bill can be wasted due to drafts and the general inefficiency of our homes. Few of us are willing to accept that our homes leak, but even the smallest crack can, over time, add up. Multiply that by numerous windows and doors around your home and you can see you have a problem.

When there is a significant difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature, drafts can really become a big problem. Using draft stopper products will keep your expensive conditioned air in its place. Every aperture in your home, be it a window or a door, is a potential culprit and you should investigate thoroughly. When your furnace or air conditioner is running, check to see if you can feel a draft and act accordingly.

Global warming is not the problem of big business alone, as each one of us should pay attention to what we hear and do our bit to help. Take action yourself by putting a draft stopper product next to each door and window. Money saved in this way will go into your pocket and you will be helping to save the planet as well.

Made to fit a conventional window frame or door, a draft stopper can also be manipulated to fit in any space you have in mind. Measuring 3" x 42" they are sold in convenient packs as they can be used year-round and you will always find a place for them. Keep air conditioning for your own benefit and keep those frigid temperatures in the winter outside.

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