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Lifevantage: A Review Of The MLM Company

Lifevantage: A Review Of The MLM Company


Lifevantage: A Review Of The MLM Company

by Randy Disert

One of the biggest concerns you may be plagued with is whether or not Lifevantage is a scam or real opportunity. Most likely, you only heard about Lifevantage because a friend of family member is talking to you about it and wants to you to buy somthing from them or get you into the business opportunity. one of those pyramid things, doesn't it? These issues will be discussed and you will be fully vetted in Lifevantage and what exactly is going on with this company.

Lifevantage is actually a fully functional company, having been established in 2003. Protandim and Truescience are the two products that Lifevantage offers to their customers. Both of these products are designed to help you live longer and healthier lives. You can lower your cell aging process to the point of a 20 year old if you take Protandim. Truescience is a cream that will help slow down your aging process. This cream will help diminish wrinkles and help make your skin look beautiful and healthy. When being used together these products can improve your overall health and life.

Lifevantage also offers a way for an individual to earn extra money or even a full time income from selling these products, but is it a legitimate opportunity? Being in the network marketing industry, this opportunity is legitimate just like many others in this industry. They utilize independent distributors to sell the products for them, because word of mouth is the greatest referral any product can receive. Lifevantage offers the opportunity to make some real money selling their products and recruiting others to sell on a part-time or full-time basis. The network marketing industry has been around for a very long time, so this marketing strategy is not new. It has been proven to be powerful and effective.

This opportunity with Lifevantage may still scare or your make you uneasy. Having to sell things to the people you know may scare you and may not want to do it. You may not be sure you can do something like this. When you do that you may receive questions just like you had or you can face complete rejection. No one likes to try to be sold on something. If they want to buy from you then they will approach you.

If you do not want be chasing your friends and family and selling them on Lifevantage or do not want to face rejection, it will be important for you to learn how to get high quality leads; people that are asking what you do and are coming to you with money already in their hands ready to buy. Once you learn how to effectively market to these people you will be able to have success and sponsor 10-20 reps per month into your Lifevantage business.

About the Author:
Randy Disert is a network marketing expert who wrote this Lifevantage review to help you understand the Lifevantage business.

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