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Life Living In A Wheelchair

Life Living In A Wheelchair


Life Living In A Wheelchair

by Allan Tan

People who are not paralyzed can find honest information about what life is like for people living in a wheelchair by reading the stories of wheelchair users on the Internet. Many wheelchair users have chosen to share their experiences with the world.

A majority of wheelchair users who speak about living in a wheelchair promote a focus on the individual's abilities rather than their mobility limitations. Though the wheelchair user may need to make modifications to their favorite activities to continue to participate in their favorite activities, this does not mean that they are necessarily limited from participating.

Some wheelchair users have used the Internet as a way to promote their message that life does not end when the person is confined to a wheelchair. Wheelchair users can attend college, gain achievements in their careers, and have other goals that people have who do not use in wheelchairs.

Life living in a wheelchair calls for adaptations to be able to continue to enjoy the same activities. It does not necessarily mean that the person can no longer participate in their hobbies. Some wheelchair users may choose to develop new hobbies and interests.

Some hobbies and favorite activities adapt well for wheelchair users while other activities may need some changes in how the person participates or in the tools used. For example, a wheelchair user who used to enjoy running before needing a wheelchair may enjoy participating in wheelchair racing and other track events.

With adaptive controls, many wheelchair users can drive their own vehicles. With the ability to drive, many wheelchair users live completely independent lives. Others may need assistance from personal care attendants.

Life living in a wheelchair has its challenges. Certain activities can be a struggle. Daily living tasks such as cooking and hygiene may require assistance or take more time and energy depending on the nature of the paralysis and any coexisting conditions.

Wheelchair accessibility modifications can allow wheelchair users to do much or all of their self-care tasks themselves. Wheelchair users may have an easier time of reaching their personal goals if they focus on their abilities.

About the Author:
Allan has a wheelchair related blog that discuss about wheelchair ramp and wheelchair accessible vans. He realised that wheelchair users are staying at home and not live life to the fullest, all because of accessibility. So he wants more people to know that public places and public transit should be made accessible. Help him spread the word.

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