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Leavers Poem for HHS, written by Claire Garner (nee Heywood)

Leavers Poem for HHS Staff

The last "Leavers Poem" written by Claire Garner (nee Heywood) for the Call Centre Staff who left on 21st Dec. 2007.

It didn't seem right to let this pass by
Without a classic poem from me
Wasn't sure I could do it, too big a challenge
But I thought, give it a go, we shall see

It has to be said it's the hardest I've done
And to read it will probably be worse
But it's written for you all with the greatest of respect
And with plenty of love in each verse

Lets begin with Marlene, Mark, Mavis, Angela and me
The spreadsheets, the meetings and coffee cups
But I know there's one thing you will all miss (or will you?)
Our dulcet tones with "get out of wrap up!"

The postroom of course with its numerous machines
That will count 'em, and slice 'em in a line
The dodgy folding machine, such a technical thing
But Danny says just hit it and its fine!

So on to the team, now here it gets tricky
To include you all by name and make it rhyme
I'll start with Dawn "Pher", Dawn "Pat" and Dawn "H"
Otherwise I'll run out of time

On one desk you've got Nicola, Jackie, Janice and Lisa
On another there's Heather, Linda and Paul
Opposite them you have Karen, Sarah (as was) and Gaynor
Now I must remember you all!

There's Siddhi, and Betty and o yes Becky
Next to the scanners, (those things wont be missed)
There's David and Ruth, Amanda and Susan
Anyone else I have missed off the list?

There's Sharon and Gill, Ragi and Pat,
Myrna, to name but a few
If I've missed anyone else, then tough, oops sorry no
Of course, I will miss you too

Health and Home Shopping, B&P, IMO, MCH
They are all coming to an end
An end we didn't want, but we got nevertheless
But we're left with some fabulous friends

Take care, keep in touch, and be happy in all that you do
I wish you all the best of luck and hope all of your dreams come true

Lots of love, Claire, xxx