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Leave Your Competition In The Dark

Leave Your Competition In The Dark


Leave Your Competition In The Dark

by Kris Ann

There is a large array of promotional torch styles that your company can choose from your your marketing needs. The type of torch you decide on, along with the finish you use for the metal, the color choice and the over all design all conveys an image of your company. What image you try to convey should be carefully thought of when making the choices for your promotional torches.

Deciding on the finishing color for your metal torches is the biggest step when designing your product. You want to be sure that they color allows the recipient to know it is a metal torch, and this can not be done when choosing a plastic cover finish.

Many believe that a promotional torch made of metal is more durable, therefore nothing less should be chosen. This is not true, on many accounts. A torch is not one of those promotional products that you will expect to last forever. It is suppose to amuse your clientele, and help them out should they be faced with a blackout. You should not expect a promotional torch to be around for years, therefore a metal torch should be purchased strictly for the design appeal.

There are two finishes that are most popular among promotional metal torches. The first is a brushed finish and the other is a translucent color that can have a cross hatch design or brushing. These choices will allow the metal to shine and make very attractive options.

Slender is usually better when designing the physical casing of a metal promotional torch. This is for two reasons; one model is more expensive to machine than plastic, so you will want to use as little material as possible to keep costs down on what should be a fairly inexpensive promotional item. Secondly bulky metal promotional torches just don't look as good as slim ones. Metal should be sleek and attractive, not bulky and cartoonish; that is the realm of plastic products.

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