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Learn Unique Magic Tricks To Attract Girls

Learn Unique Magic Tricks To Attract Girls


Learn Unique Magic Tricks To Attract Girls

by Brad Jackson

Even many of the best-looking men have problems when they try to attract women. You might think that those "hunks" would have all the all the ability to attract girls in the world, but while it's true of a few of them most of them know that they get rather ordinary really quick after they've garnered some initial attention with their looks. The fact is that men all over the place have trouble approaching women strangers that they find attractive. There are a few men who just have a natural ability to talk to people, but they are few and far between. For one thing, when you're trying to talk to an attractive woman, you get nervous. For another thing, most women make it hard to be approached on purpose. This is part of the female power game with men, and besides they don't want to appear too easy

To attract women with your approach, you have to be different than everybody else who tried and, obviously, failed. You just won't attract girls if you're like all the rest. There are some guys who seem blessed with a natural ability to talk to women and tons of charm or personality, but most of us have to work at having an edge. Most men don't have a glorious career to talk about, even. We all start to sound alike and bore the gals, unless we do something to stand out and appear to be of greater value than Mr. Average. And that's where bar magic tricks come in.

Bar magic tricks allow you to have a good reason to talk to a gal, even if she's doing the typical gals-in-a-crowd off-puttish thing. You can approach her and all of her friends with a bar magic trick. You get to be entertaining, you get to be mysterious, and if things go right with your first trick or two you even get to touch her physically and break that ice--and all without having to dance!

Being able to attract women is definitely made much, much easier with bar magic tricks. You don't have to worry about your looks, you don't have to have the glorious or big-money career, and you don't have to stumble all over yourself as you mentally reach in vain for the interesting thing to talk with her about or the reason to approach her in the first place. As a bar magician, you make yourself expected to be an entertainer, so you get to be in control!

Bar magic tricks can allow you to approach a woman, have something interesting and unique to say to her, and even have a ready-built reason to make physical contact with her. The more you are able to get "in" with them, the more you will attract women.

There are no right or wrong bar magic tricks to use to attract women. The thing to keep in mind is to start off with one or two that don't require you to touch the gal in your sights. After they dazzle her, then you can progress to a trick where you pull hundred dollar bills out of her hair or otherwise have a reason to make physical contact.

The most important thing about using bar magic tricks to attract women is to be yourself. Don't turn into Magic Bozo. Be cool with your whole approach and performance, like professional magicians are.

When using bar magic tricks, make absolutely certain that you know the tricks so well that you have precious little chance of screwing them up. You'll just look like an idiot if you try magic tricks and they flop. Also, to use them to attract women, start off doing one or two that don't require you to touch the woman; then, after you've impressed her and intrigued her with those, throw in one that givesyou a reason to hold her hand or take some magically-conjured object out of her hair. With bar magic tricks, you can attract women as if you were that beercommercial's Most Interesting Man in the World!

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