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Learn How You Can Stop Snoring

Learn How You Can Stop Snoring


Learn How You Can Stop Snoring

by Jason McDrarren

Do you hear your partner complain each night about your snoring? Perhaps your snoring is so loud that you wake yourself up each night? Many people suffer from snoring. Snoring makes it difficult for anyone in the house to get a good night of rest. Luckily, most of the causes of snoring are a result of our lifestyle choices and most of these can be easily changed. Take a minute to read on and discover why you snore and what you can do about it.

First of all, it is worth understanding what actually causes snoring. Snoring is the result of vibrations at the back of the throat. These vibrations occur when air is forced through a small opening in the back of the throat instead of through the normal nasal passages.

While sleeping, the muscles in our throat tend to relax. If they relax too much then our breathing may be impaired and snoring can result. The severity of this problem can vary. Some people suffer from sleep apnea, which occurs when breathing actually stops. Generally a person will wake up and gasp for breath or snore loudly once breathing resumes. Sleep apnea and other snoring can reduce the flow of oxygen to the body which has a negative impact on health.

Many people claim they don't have a snoring problem only to discover (from someone else) that they do indeed have a snoring problem. If you think you don't snore but wake up every morning feeling tired an unrested, then you might suffer from snoring. Others wake up to their own snoring each night, which makes it very difficult to feel well-rested in the morning. The causes of snoring are varied. Much snoring is caused by obesity. Other snoring is a result of alcohol, smoking, tonsil problems, sinusitis, or congestion.

Snoring is often one of the many side-effects of being overweight. When a person is overweight they tend to have thicker skin around the neck. This can make it difficult for the neck muscles to keep the airway open at night, which results in snoring.

If you suspect that weight might be a contributing factor to your snoring then you might want to make some lifestyle changes. By taking enough time each day to exercise, your weight can be reduced. Additionally, ensuring that you eat a healthy diet will aid in losing weight. This is usually the best long-term solution to snoring.

Drinking alcohol and smoking are common causes of snoring. Quitting smoking will often cause snoring problems. Limiting the number of alcoholic drinks, especially before bed, can help those that snore.

Another common cause of snoring is how we lay when we sleep. If you snore you might discover that it is because you sleep on your back. This is especially true if you are a little overweight. Try sleeping on your side or stomach- that might solve your snoring problem.

Congestion and swelling often cause snoring too. This can be caused by the common cold, sinus infections, allergies, or smoking. Often times relief can be had by taking a steamy shower before bed or by sleeping in a room with a humidifier. Others might need to try over the counter anti-histamines if the congestion is a result of allergies.

Now you know the most common causes of snoring and the easiest remedies for them. Snoring can affect everyone in the household so it is important to find a solution right away. No one wants to wake up every night to loud snoring!

Although these remedies might not work for everyone, they will solve most snoring problems. If you think you snore for some other reason or if none of the above remedies work, then you might want to seek a medical professional.

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